Thursday, 29 June 2017

20 Congratulation messages for Christening

A thing as Sacred as Christening deserves the attention of your message and what better list is there than this 

Congratulation messages for Christening

Congratulations on your christening, may the Lord Jesus stir your soul in his light hereon
Wish you the best

Congratulation my prince, I know how much this means to you and I am happy you are now christened. 

Congratulation my little brother, although I want you to know that baptism by mere water is nothing without that of the spirit. 
Nontheless, I wish you all the best

Thank you for acceding to being christened my fear son, I am as happy as father for this cause. 

Congratulation may son that with all of this, more is the baptism of the Holy Spirit himself worthy. 
Congratulation on your christening though

I usher you my friend to a light of Christ and may his blood wash you clean my son. 

Congratulations my dearest boy on taking this big step as a Christian and for yourself, being christened

A new name
A new birth
A new person 
I pray the Holy Spirit on which is the true baptism, bring about your new person.

Congratulations my lovely friend, I am happy for you and upon everything God himself is happy to welcome you to the people of Christ. 

Congratulation my dearest son, no love is as compared to that of Christ Jesus himself and on the day he, himself was baptized and accepted, I pray may the Lord Jesus Christ go with you even from now on

Congratulations my friend, I pray that your communication as a man born anew be worthy of the person you now are. 
Congrats on your christening

Congratulations on being christened, it's a very nice thing and I'm joyed you have now taken it upon yourself.

Congratulation my dear on your christening, I wish you all and more you wish yourself on this new birth you now claim by Christ.

Congratulation my lovely sister, I am happy for you and with everything I am glad to say you have made me the happiest of person to see you my daughter take the plunge and rise as a new woman in Christ

Congratulation dearest friend, I heard the wonderful tidings of your christening to the body of Christ so I say a big congrats to you.
Wish you the best

Congratulations my lovely cousin, I am happy to know you've now been christened. 
Welcome to the body of Christ and congratulations

Congratulations my friend, I wish you the best of luck in life, may the relationship you build with Christ our Lord be efffectual, Amen

Congratulation my friend, it's what you have done today, a truly behoved thing that may the Lord Jesus Christ find a home in you now more than ever. 

Congratulation my friend, I say a happy relationship with Christ may this bring as you dwell I'm the light of his halo. 
Congratulation dear

Even though I should say to you my nephew that having to be Christ's is by the baptism is the Holy Spirit, I am happy for you today.
Congratulations on your christening

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