Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony

To a newly born child whose naming is at hand and you want to congratulate his/her parent.
This is a list better than no other to do so
Try it

Congratulation Messages on Naming Ceremony

It is such joy to behold an innocent little child and knowing that his name will forever be with him is a lovely thing even more
Congratulation on your naming dear

Some say a child's naming tallies with his fate, although I don't know which I believe, I say a big congratulation on your naming ceremony dear

Congratulation on your naming today my dear, I wish him a life that will be worthy of the beautiful name he'll receive.

Congratulation my son on your child's naming, I am so happy you have made me the happiest of grandma.

Congratulation to you and your lovely wife my dear child and on your son's naming, I pray for blessings unknown before to him in abundance.

Congratulation my sweet child, happy am I to be part of the blissful party to celebrate your child's naming.

It is really a thing of extreme joy indeed on your child's naming 
Congratulation my boss and to your darling wife

It may be called a child's naming but it truly is a naming for you my child from a wife to a mother, congratulation my child

Congratulation to my friend and his companion on this joyous occasion that cause for undue celebration and mirth.
Congratulation my friend on your child's naming

I wish your lovely daughter a long beautiful and happy life that will signal the representation of your lovely family.
Congratulation dear

On a beautiful ceremony as the naming of a child, I say congratulation my dear 

Congratulation to you my bosom friend, it is indeed a day to be joyful as your child is to be known by a name and I hope one that will determine a good fate to him.

Congratulation on being everything you could have wished, a mother at last, my dear. 
I wish your child a beautiful future ahead

Congratulation my son to your family which is mine too, I pray that God bless you with even more to come. 
Congratulation on on your son's naming ceremony

On your daughters naming, it, I must confess is a happy thing which I can't congratulate you enough on because knowing you have wished it long since and the achieving of it, it brings me a happy feeling as it does you. 
Congratulation on your daughter's naming dear

Congratulation on being the man I expected long since of you, a father at last. 
Congratulation in your child's naming

Congratulation my uncle, to be the joyful victor of this brilliant day together with your wife is a joy from God and I pray you may never weep over your child.
Congratulation in his naming

In naming a child, it is believed it is as important to the child being, if so I wish your lovely child the best of names to bear. 
Congratulation on your naming dear. 

Congratulation my boss on your wife's naming her it fills me with joy to celebrate you even better and I must say that this long awaited success is truly a joy to us all your beloved friends.
Congratulation in your child's naming

Congratulation in your child's naming, coz
I pray that he may never experience an otherwise hateful life but prove a happier person than his parents even. 
Congratulation on your son's naming dear

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