Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Congratulation Messages to Sister

True to your sister, to congratulate her in whatever success she has attained, here's a perfect list to help do so

Congratulation Messages to Sister

I wish even upon this more blessings to ensue after this very one.
Congratulation my dear sister

Congratulation to you my lovely sister, may the curtains of heaven unfurl to release even more blessings to you that we may have even more cause to celebrate you. 

To my darling sister,
On behalf of all your loved ones, kin and kith, we say a big congratulation on your promotion

Congratulation for everything you have managed to garner and in so little time, I really am happy for you dear sister. 

Congratulation on making it as I always knew you would. 
A big hurray to that my dear sister. 
Love you

Congratulation my dear sister, it truly is such joy to be hearing you are excelling bountifully in your toils, I wish you even more success to show

Congratulation to my beautiful sister, I hope to this all the time in congratulating you even more. 

To my lovely sister, I love you so much and I appreciate you even more on this huge success. 

To plumb the depth of my happiness for you is the so enormous, my dear sister, I love you so much and I am happy you have really been successful after a lifetime of trials. 

Congratulation to you my lovely sister, I heard of your unmatched feat and I was quick to jump for joy for you. 
Congratulation dear on everything.

Congratulation on everything my love, I am so happy for you and I pray you get to be the bearer and receiver of guys l good tidings even for your sake many more time to come

Congratulation on being named for promotion, I am in the seventh heaven for your already, wish you all the best to come 

Congratulation my kin, I think with you there's no end to saying congratulation.

Congratulation once more on another stunt you have successfully pulled my dear sister

Congrats my sister and friend, it fills me to the utmost to know that you are really making it big in the office, I wish you the best

Congrats my lovely sister, it cannot suffice to say a thousand congrats to you but I am so happy to be your siblings as you have done ask of us proud dear

Congratulation my beautiful sister, I am swell in gloat and pride to the extent of pure bliss in learning of your success.

A big congratulation my sister and victor, I am jolly elated for you in mammoth amount for your success. 

Congratulation on everything you have made for yourself from seemingly nothing, it truly gives me so much joy to say this, con dear

Congratulation my little sister, I heard of your success on your exams. 
Nice one dear, keep it up

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