Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Congratulation Wishes for Twin Babies

To the parent of a beautiful twin baby, here's how to congratulate them properly on their blessing.

Congratulation Wishes for Twin Babies

Congratulation once welcoming a new...sorry two new beautiful addition to your family. 
It is such a super joyful thing, I wish them the best

How I want to hold them in my hands now and sing the famed Nigerian Twin Panegyrics for your beautiful twin boys. 
I'm do happy my son. 

Congratulation on salting you marriage with the seasoning of happy and bouncing new babies more so twins for that matter.
I'm so happy, Thanks to God 

I could rant on and on about the extols we the Yoruba people have for twin babies as you my child has given us today for I am so happy you have made us grandma and grandpa of twin. 
Thank you and God grant you more children. 

To my beautiful wife, I am sending this as a token of my appreciation for making me a father of a beautiful twin baby as ours. 
Thank you for making my dream come true

My darling son and child, I greet you and your wife a most wonderful and blessed day today of all day I am my happiest for seeing with my eye, my own grandchildren, but better than that you gave me a 2 in 1 and to that I say may God make this ones make you proud as you have done me.
Thanks my son

Taye and Kehinde, I am so happy that you have continued the trend of twins in this family my son as even my own mother had twins too so I was not all surprised. 
Thank you my child and congrats

Congratulation on gracing this family with the ethereal blessing of twin babies. 
I'm really happy for you. 
God bless you more

Wow! I was numb with joy upon hearing your wife had put to bed two bouncing baby girls, it was as though I couldn't say anything for a moment, what a happy day my dear to you.
I wish you better things to come from this little ones. 

Congratulation my lovely friend, I heard you are now a dad to two beautiful boys and I am coming to see those dainty little ones so I can seize the key to giving birth to my own twins too. 
I'm so happy for you friend. 
Love you

Happy for you my pal, being a father to a twin girl cannot be usurped, it is the best feeling a father can have, trust me as one. 
Congratulation dear

My dear friend, it's such a happy day for you and your wife and I must say those twin must be the luckiest girls in the world

To think our fathers thought giving birth was something unlucky then. 
I am happy for you my dear friend, congratulation on your new born twin 

I am really happy today for you my friend, it really is a privilege to sire a beautiful twin like yours, I pray God grant you all that is required to train them well. 
Good luck 

As a new grandparent to twin, my son all I can say to you and your wife is that I thank you for making me have some grandchildren to come play house with. 
Thanks and congrats

Congratulation my dearest daughter on your twins, I am so elated God chose you to be privilege to bring to life such beautiful children. 

Congratulation my friend, you have not only become a wife but a mother and better still a mother of twin boys. 
I'm so envious right now of you. 
I really wish you the best

To know you are now a mother to beautiful twin boy and girl is even better as one is going to be protecting the other as twin does, I'm so happy for you my friend. 

I wish you and your babies the best dear, they are the most beautiful bundle of joy one can ever imagine to be responsible for. 
Thank God for his blessings in the form of this girls. 

Congratulation my lovely wife, I am my happiest today for gifting me the best thing in life I could have ever hoped for.
Congrats to you and our beautiful bouncing and amazing twin babies

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