Friday, 9 June 2017

20 Congratulations message For Wedding Anniversary

Those beautiful couple that deserves to be remembered for clocking a year more in marriage, look no further for words for them. 
Just avail yourself this list that will save you the stress of finding one. 

Congratulations message For Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations my friends, you both have led a life worthy of envy for that I say
Happy wedding anniversary

I wish you both that even after today will see more years together and in bliss.
Love you lots
Happy anniversary

To my most beautiful and favorite couple in the world, I cannot say that at first I thought you both will not last a year but now it's 11 and it seems like yesterday.
I wish you both a happy anniversary and I pray to find me a spouse in a marriage like yours.

What an exemplary marriage and model the two of you have laid, I really celebrate you today, Happy anniversary my dear

To a blissful marriage and to forever, I say cheers to you both
Happy anniversary love

Happy wedding anniversary today many years ago and still standing yet will forever stand.
Here's to forever.

Happy anniversary my beautiful Aunt and to your husband, for all of the happiness conspicuous on your countenance, it's really evident you are in the marriage of your dreams.
To that I say many m wedding anniversary to celebrate.

Happy anniversary my felicitous and always happy couple, I have been a friend to your family and I can see it is a place where only love can thrive.
I really celebrate you two today
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary my lovely wife for all of us your family that loves you and to me most especially for staying with me to make even better the dreams we are chasing

Happy anniversary my love, I am so happy my beautiful daughter, you are celebrating your 5th year anniversary with your husband and not like those superficial girls these days that don't understand the essence of marriage.
I love you my dear and celebrate with you
Keep it up and stay happy

I am so happy to be saying this today because we with all of my heart, I say
Happy wedding anniversary 

To the moon and back my love, is my love for you my dear, 
Happy anniversary to us and to you most especially for making it all possible

I could wish you both a happy anniversary always up on cloud nine but I know those seemingly hard times are them that test the mettle of lovers and the strength of their love for each other so I say,
Happy anniversary and keep blossoming in love

Happy anniversary my beautiful daughter from me your pa and from your ma that you have made proud parent, I really celebrate you.

To my lovely sister, a mother of two and a wife to a doting husband, I really envy you and I pray you become even more a person with traits and blessings that will leave your haters in envy. 
Happy anniversary my dear

Happy anniversary my lovely friend, we your friends really celebrate you on this height in love.

Happy anniversary my lovely wife for everything you are too me and more, I hope we last forever till death do us part as we promised

Happy anniversary my friend for finding the perfect fit, I wish wish you all the best in life

Happy anniversary princess, I your aunt wish and congratulate you on 10years of bliss of matrimony
Love you dear

Happy anniversary my brother, to you and your lovely wife, say me well to her and both of you, have a blissful wedding anniversary

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