Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 Congratulations Message For Scholarship

Scholarships are nothing easy to attain and attaining them is big a deal, here's a list of messages to congratulate that one that has recently just received one

Congratulations Message For Scholarship

WoW, my son, double scholarship and we have to pick one, I am really blessed to have a son that makes me proud like you.

You deserve to be saluted and extolled my dear boy but I cannot one enough, I am happy for you upon this achievement. 
Congratulation on your scholarship.

Congratulations once again for making this family have a cause to celebrate you. 
Congratulation on your scholarship.

Congratulations and for doing this school proud, I want to say that you have been more to us than a flag bearer. 
Congratulation on your scholarship abroad, take care.

We, as the school authority are truly blessed that a student from this school emerged the winner of the scholarship abroad and it is something to boast. 
God bless dear son and God speed to your bright future

Congratulation, I can see an auspicious future especially bedecked by this scholarship, I pray it is only a skim of yet greater things to fulfill. 
Wish you ask the best 

Congratulations for the scholarship or should I say scholarships.
You truly are a genius. 
Wish you the best

Congratulation and may there be more scholarship to attain and more records to break. 

Warmest congratulations on your scholarship dear son for laying down a good example to your other siblings and 
Wish you ask the best

I pray my son that this will only be the start of something good, that upon this scholarship, there will be more cause to shed tears of joy with you. 

Congratulation cousin I heard you prised the scholarship for the school of art to South Africa. 
I trust you to show them who's boss there. 

Congratulations my dear nephew, I heard of your scholarship abroad and I am happy you will be walking in the steps you always hoped and dreamed, because not everyone has that luxury. Congratulation

Congratulations on your scholarship dear friend of mine, on behalf of all of your friends who will miss you, We wish you the best 

A scholarship to study abroad was always my dream but I thank God, you my son got what I was not privileged to. 

I who, am your father is delightful and I thank God you have won this scholarship, what a thing of pride it is to me. 
God bless you my son for bringing joy to this home thus far. 

Congratulations on bracing this scholarship although the disbelief that first surrounded it, I knew you'd pull through. 
Wish you all the best dear.

I must say as a mother, it is a very happy thing that you, until now still make me proud, Congratulation on this scholarship dear.

You are the best thing to happen to a single mother, dear daughter, thank you for making it your goal and achieving this feat, I am proud of you, I wish you well darling.
Congratulation on your promotion

I always knew the pinnacle of success is your destination and I know this scholarship is a step in that direction.

Congratulations for getting this long sought after scholarship, first the one you had with a company and now this, we, your family are so happy for this honour. 
All the best

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