Monday, 12 June 2017

20 Farewell Messages - Moving on Congratulations

Saying farewell is just the hardest of things to do but here's a list of message to make it all easy

Farewell Messages - Moving on Congratulations

Parting is indeed a sorrow but not sweet this time because I will not see you tomorrow
Good bye dear, take care

Adieu, my lovely friend, I cannot say how much I disdain not having to see you for a while but all the same congratulation for everything.
Have a nice trip

It's hard to let go and not see someone you really care for again but all the same, I bid you have a happy life without me

Congratulation on having to move on but I wish you a blissful year ahead. 
Take care

It seems just like yesterday we dreamt of seeing the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and all those scenic route together strolling and holding hands, I cannot believe it's all in the past now.
Congratulation on settling down elsewhere dear
Have a wonderful life

Have a happy life my dear, I cannot wish you any less and even with everything I pray you be happy

Congratulation in moving on with your life, may happiness and joy follow you. 
Have a blissful life, my dear

From my heart of heart, I still celebrate you my love, I wish you be happy wherever you find their yourself.
Love you

My love, having to know we are to part both us us is itself a penance to me I pray you experience the best life you have never had

I bid you a happy trip my dear, I hope you be happy and a kind of ambience you would love, that you meet it and your dreams come true also.
Take care

I am so happy to hear of your moving on to a place far away, farewell my lady, do take care of yourself

I cannot bring myself you see you go so here is me saying a sweet farewell to you

Goodbye my love and friend.
It is high time this much happened to come to the realization that we should part. 
Have a blissful life dear

I don't know how to say goodbye since I always sucked at it but let me say I wish you happiness wherever you find yourself

My friend, I am you have the best of both worlds wherever you find yourself, work and love, take care dear

Farewell my dame, that we partied may be the best thing for us that you may know and experience life elsewhere.
Take care of yourself

My dear, I pray your dreams be granted of your voyage elsewhere that what you find out may be given you. 
Wish you love and happiness

Have a happy life my dear, I wish you the best in your adventures.
Love you

You will forever be in my thoughts dear but I cannot bear to not be able to see you again so here's me still saying.
Happy adventures to you

I wish you the happiest of life than you ever dreamed of my love, have a wonderful life to whatever lucky place shall have your dear, take care.

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