Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 I Miss You Quotes For Him

I cannot fathom a day without you less than a month and I already miss you like crazy.

Please come back home baby, I lie each day with wakeful eyes dreaming of that very day that you come

We text each other every day and I say I'm fine but truly it's a lie and I can't take it anymore, please come back home baby 

I miss the times when I am pillowed on your chest listening to your heart beat and I this days every other sounds are like noises

If only you could see how I long for you, you'll know that I'm so crazy in love with you. 
Come back home soon 

Inwardly I damn each day watching the hands of the clock move and hoping a month will pass and then you'll come back. 

If I say I miss you, it's an understatement because I miss you than the words called "miss"

It's such a misnomer to use any word of the dictionary to describe how lonely I feel without you because without you I am miserable

I miss you my hubby, I think to myself each time conceptualizing the fortuitous hour when we should meet.
I hope you come soon

Soon enough my love and the wild emotion you have stirred in me will be to act but just a while

Redolent of you each day the room, the bed and the air conspire to form your image artificially to me and keeps me feeling like I am going crazy but baby I'm happy to be crazy for you, please come back home 

My dear fiancĂ©, I can't deny that you make me feel crazy by just waiting for you. 
Please come back 

Insomnia seems like the order of my day not getting to see you because how can I sleep when the only reason that calms me is gone

I'm no different from a schizophrenic because I keep seeing you and throwing fits because you are not there, please come back love

You make my day seem as though night and my night sleepless and should I sleep, it's filled with nightmares because my light is gone, which is you

I pray to the horizon each day with a watchful eye hoping you'll come soon.
Please come back

If only I had you to kiss Good Morn each morning but alas you are away. 
Miss you love

I know you had to go but as expedient as it is, I wish you never have to, hope you come back soon

My dear, I am so happy for you as regarding the contract but now I don't care for anything in but you, please come back home baby 

I don't need the diamonds, the gold or silver, I just need to feel your bond, your hold and to shiver at your lovely touches.
Come back home, I miss you so

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