Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 Messages For Winning an Award

To congratulate whether as message sent or speech, that special someone that has won and brandishes an award, here's how to know and do just that. 

Messages For Winning an Award

Congrats on winning the humanitarian award of the year!
I’m a son with pride knowing one day I will have to fill in this big shoes you have laid down for me. 
Congratulation dad for everything

You are a modern day Mother Teresa because you have proven with dispense of largesse, kindheartedness, love and doting care towards everyone and anyone that would even leave me jealous most times, that you truly deserve this People Choice Award for Personality of the year.
I'm so proud of you mom. 

To my grandson, I may be old and unable to write much but should I say all the words in my heart, it will be a day's worth of writing, I am so proud of you and the award for best student of the year because even your own granny in her heydays won the same. 
I love you my son 

For being what we expect of a modern day politician and proving false that all politicians are underhanded and not to be trusted, we thank you for all you've done for this Local Government sir and we congratulate you.

I've and will always maintain my stand that teachers are just the best thing to ever happen to our children and upon that I wish you the best as you grace the award as the best teacher in the school. 

Unlike those that are veneered outside and has no effective relationship, you apart from your award as an elder state man in the community, I must commend you on what you have impacted on our children.

I am happy for you and your family and I must confess you truly are deserving of the employee of the year because of your hardwork, punctuality and commitment that leaves me envious many a time. 
Here’s to another great year.

Congratulations on getting the award for best results in the past examination. 
I always knew you are one person that will always thrive to do well than the norm because you raised a standard for yourself and it's a sure thing to success. 

Congrats on being the best upcoming artiste. 
If anything, I want you to know I voted for you and wished you well all the way. 
Congratulation my friend because I know you truly deserved it. 

My believing in you didn't just come a day, it was as a result of watching you along the way, the heart break and determination to say but few and now I see my faith has been repaid.
Congratulation on being the best student in your set. 

Congratulation on bringing home the the Mr. Sparkle award because I always know your idea of neatness was out of this world.
Congratulation once more dear.

You already possess the beliefs, traits and personality of a winner even from your first day on earth and I knew that will get you far, congratulation on being the best student in class dear son

This is a big feat, being the best Student Union President in a decade is wonderful and highlight your importance as a leader of tomorrow.
Congratulation my friend

It left me with a joyful years watching my own son do me proud by mounting the stage and getting the award as Virtue Award in school and even better calling my own name as the reason for his modesty, humility and meekness. 
Congratulation my son and thank you for making me the best and proudest mom alive.

Education to this family is an important deal and I'm happy for the array of awards you've bagged my son. 
Congratulation in making us all proud.

As a proprietor of this school, I must say that I was happy to have heard you hoist the flag of this school higher on the recent spelling competition.
Congratulation my boy and thanks. 

I'm so happy even though you always seems grumpy on missing out on first position seeing you bag this award another year running explains why you always want to be the best. 
Congratulation my daughter on being your best again.

Congratulations on winning the Best Africa Upcoming Poets award!
You always seemed weird when upon every little thing you talk poetry but now I know you just can't help it because of your love for it.

Congratulation on winning the Most Famous Students Award. 
I must say this should be a landslide victory because you truly deserve it

Congratulation on being the winner of Most Beautiful Creature Award as you truly combine beauty with unmatched brains. 
Wish you all the best dear friend.

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