Thursday, 29 June 2017

20 Missed You Quotes

That special someone that just got back and they just have to know how much you miss them when they were gone. 
Here's just what to say

Missed You Quotes

I know I should just forget it since you are back but I can't help to tell you that I was so miserable when you left

Thank you for ending my tenure of sleepless nights waiting for you by coming back home baby

I really missed you like crazy, I'm so happy I could get back to my state of normalcy

I'm so happy love and should have tarried, I despair to think life would have had the better of me

I missed you so much my dear, welcome back to my arms

Thank you for ending my insomniac maniacal spree of lonely nights. 
Welcome back

I really missed you like that scent of spring that heretofore was gone

I missed you too much thank you for coming back home baby

I missed you so much that I never want to miss you again because missing you is the greatest penance I can ever face in life and even after.

I'm so happy my letter got you coming back home to my arms pronto because I would have gone crazy one more day

I really missed you and even though the distance separated you you were always in my head and heart

I missed you so much my dear, life was nothing without you and it got me thinking, I don't want to part earth before you

It's true what they say that absence makes fonder the heart because you never seemed more lovelier than now my love

I missed you so bad my love, thank you for running back home to me and ending this fated punishment of your absence

I missed you especially when I knew I shouldn't see you for months and tiff coming back unexpected is like a beautiful shower of warm rain in winter

I missed you my love and when life was hard because you left, the thought of this day, seeing you again was my go-to for hope

They say less is much, I guess after all this months of seeing you less have made me realize your importance of how much more you are to me

I really missed you darling, thank you for the blessings of your presence today

I missed you so much and you being here is like nothing else before this even matter at all

I really missed your smile and seeing it now reminds me of why I never want us to part again

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