Monday, 12 June 2017

20 Reply To Congratulation Message

Here's the perfect way to reply a well placed congratulatory message to you.
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Reply To Congratulation Message

I am so happy to the heavens, I thought you might have forgotten us. 
Thanks for your congratulatory message dear

I'm happy for your message, it was like a lull unlike the others I received.
Thanks dear

In great debt to you my friend, I couldn't be happier, thanks for everything

I'm thankful my lovely bro, your message couldn't come at a better time. 
God bless

As I write this rejoinder, I am filled with so much happiness and joy unfeigned that you will be happy for me. 
Thank you sister 

My world came alive by your words my friend, thank you for your congratulatory message love

My heart is light by you and your happy words that eases my heart and made me happier.
Thank you for everything

I am so elated my lady, thank you, I cannot tell you how important you made me feel.
God bless

Thank you my dear friend, I am so happy that you condescended to send me your congratulations and greeting.

Thank you sir my mentor for recognizing me on my day of joy, I pray that you experience even better times.

My friend, I pray that as you celebrate and congratulate me on my day, you will also be done likewise.
Thank you so much

I amity with myself and happy because I didn't expect you to send me such heartfelt message so I thank you so much.
God bless

Thank you my lovely family and friends for everything you your message is a blessing to my soul.

Thank you my family for celebrating with me today, I thank you for making me feel like the happiest man on earth.

Your celebrating me has made me happier than the cause for celebrating itself so I say thank you my lovely family

Thank you my son for your concern and blessings, may God grant you your blessings too

You truly have me in your heart and it's evident by your congratulating me. 
Thank you dear

My lover and friend, I have received many more people celebrating me but yours is a cream of the top. 
Thank you my friend

I am forever grateful to you my bosom friend, thank you for the allaying message of your kindness and congratulatory message, thanks dear

I am forever in your debt and I am happy to know you are happy for me. 
Thanks for your congratulating me.
God bless you dear and thanks.

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