Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Reply To Wedding Congratulation Messages

After a congratulatory message to you, what better reply can you get than this. 
Try them 

Reply To Wedding Congratulation Messages

Thanks my friend, your congratulation and being with me is a proof of your friendship. 

My friend, I am so happy to be wedded and I thank you for your congratulatory messages. 
I pray you get yours too, soon

Congratulations my lovely bro, I am so happy to call you my brother, thanks for being my best man and for congratulating me first, I'm grateful.

Congratulation my beautiful sister, I am drawn with joy and ecstatic reverie to be finally in a beautiful hearth and it is not unnoticed you being all there for me, thanks for your congratulatory message

Congratulation my dearest friend, I was welled with tears of joy seeing your heartfelt message in congratulating me in my wedding, thank you for being the person I've always known you to be.

Congratulation my dear, I am so happy for what you have proven yourself for my sake to be, a friend not by request but by choice, thanks for caring.
God bless

Congratulation my dear friend because I already know that your own long awaited wedding will also come soon as you have celebrated mine. 
I must say I am happy because of your care. 

I must say I was impressed and touched by your heart-warming message to me. 
Thank you for your message and kindness. 
I'm eternally grateful

I'm so happy you stood by me in my worst and now in my happiest, I thank you for congratulating me and being there. 

Thanks to you, I had a wonderful wedding and I pray that your will also experience this unexplainable joy I am experiencing right now. 
I wish you the best in Jesus name

Thanks my friend and to the gang for bidding me adieu in the best of messages to bachelorhood.
I love you lot bros, no homo

I am filled with joy in untold amount my friend because your acknowledgement bodes more special to me than anyone else, thank you for you message. 

With a rejoinder of joy, I say a big thank you on gracing and congratulating me on my wedding day. 
Thanks and God bless so much

Congratulation my friend, I am happy to hear your still care for me as a sign of true friendship..

Thanks so much my kith and kin for your well wishes, your truly made me a happy man on my wedding day. 
God bless

Thanks my lovely bro on telling me all you did on your congratulatory message,. 
Thanks for everything

Thank you so much for seeing my bride walking that aisle would not have meant as much if there was no you and every one I love to be there for me. 
God bless dear. 

To a very beautiful letter of congratulation, how can I better it than to say a big thank you for acknowledging my wedding. 
Love you dear

I am my happiest knowing every one I love including you being there to spark my wedding with light and joy was there and upon your message of congrats, I just want to say a big thank you. 
God bless dear

Thank you my friend for wishing me your best, I am absolutely convicted your shall find a joy as beautiful as I have. 
Thanks my dear friend

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