Thursday, 8 June 2017

20 Wedding Anniversary Congratulatory Wishes

When that blissful moment in time comes that you have to congratulate that special someone for staying through marriage for all that it gives misgives. You cannot get a better list of than this for such.

Wedding Anniversary Congratulatory Wishes

My wife
My muse
My joy
My companion
My heart's bliss
I wish you and us a wonderful anniversary today. 
Love you lots

I wish you my dear sister and your wonder husband,
The happiest of anniversary today and forever

Dear wife, 
It's me the one you said yes to on this very day 5 years ago. 
I celebrate you the light in the dark side of me for making me the happiest guy on earth.
Love you so much

I wish you my darling parent a beautiful wedding anniversary because your happiness has conspired to make me the happiest of man today.
I pray you have a blast

Happy wedding anniversary my princess and daughter.
I wish you and your lovely hubby, a beautiful and peaceful marriage life to forever

I am most jubilant that you, my beautiful parent on your golden jubilee to mark the days you both thought it wise to come together as one. 
Happy anniversary love

Happy anniversary my lovely wife for staying through it all with me and choosing to love me still even many a time when I was undeserving of you. 
Love you my sweetheart

When the novelty of wedding had pass and marriage dawned as those superficial well wishers had gone, I was and will forever be grateful that I have someone like you that stayed. 
Love you fire and happy anniversary

Happy wedding anniversary grandma and grandpa, 
I pray your love together never wither and follow you forever even to the ground.
Wish you both love forever

Happy anniversary to my baby mama and wife. 
Being with you these years, I will not change a thing that what we have shared together.
Love you baby

My beautiful queen and wife.
To the woman of my dreams and my baby mama
Happy anniversary to you and to us, I pray that we last forever like the mango tree. 

Happy anniversary my sweet parent, my teacher and my role model.
Wish you the best of it wedding anniversary you ever had

To my lovely friend and your wife,
I pray that the both of you never find reason to think you are better off apart than together.
Happy wedding anniversary

Happy anniversary my joy, my life, my happiness and my lover.
Wish you a wonderful year with me, your husband.

Happy anniversary my beautiful wife and friend.
That this may not be the last of wedding anniversary together, I pray that our love strengthens even for the third year of togetherness.
Love you forever

For all your imperfections and whims, I could not have wished you better so I wish you all the best to come in life.
Happy anniversary my beautiful wife

I love you so much my sweet heart and soul survivor.
A big congratulations and happy anniversary to our blissful union especially to you, the reason why we can celebrate this day.

Happy anniversary my dear cousin, I hope and pray that your hopes in marriage will never be confounded not now or forever.
Love you dear

Happy anniversary to the woman I gladly choose that very day and would make over and over the same choice again if I have a chance.
Love you forever

Happy anniversary to the one who gave me reason and purpose to live for love and to be loved.
I am forever in your debt.
Love you forever

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