Thursday, 1 June 2017

20 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

I had a lovely first love but having you as my last love was and is epic
Happy anniversary to us

Having someone who trod on my past to the end that she might give me a future.
To up l you love, I say
Happy anniversary 

The crease that wants desperately to show that surviving these years with you has been of sheer endurance are lies because what they truly tell is that after it all, we're still standing 

The utmost importance of this day is that it is not by endurance but by choice of love, we are still one
Happy anniversary wife

Caring for you is something I've done this past years together and is something I will not stop for more years to come 
Happy anniversary dear 

Perfection is not some myth told in tales, but is of ours as a couple.
Happy anniversary my dear in our journey to find it

I can't have known a better wife, mother, friend, teacher and lover than you
Happy anniversary dear

To tell one that will always remain when I derail to steer me to rails. 
Happy anniversary to my dear wife

You are the best part of my life in this movie called life with many parts.
Happy anniversary my love

Happy anniversary to the one and only lover I can ever acknowledge for me
Happy anniversary to us

Love you from the depths of my heart, my love
Happy anniversary 

I love you so much that saying it makes me despair that I cannot voice it with the utmost it deserves
But happier anniversary may we celebrate.
Love you lots

Happy anniversary to the woman of my dreams that came from my dreams and steered me to dream
Happy anniversary once again love

What's love without the one that showed me how to love 
Happy anniversary to you dear

I love love for loving me enough to show me you
Happy anniversary to us dear love

Thank you Lord for this day that I can avow of true love for the one that makes it all worthwhile
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to you, my lovely spouse, twill have been impossible do these years to live but without you. 
I love you so much

I can't dare to think that after all, it would have been all a dream because you were so the definition of a dream
Happy anniversary my love

I love you so much that Cupid's tale will pale put beside mine.
Happy anniversary to you, the woman of my dreams

Having you is a reality beyond reason that life can be good
Happy anniversary my love

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