Friday, 9 June 2017

20 Wedding congratulation Message For Friend

Congratulating your friend on his wedding seems the right thing to do but you just don't have the words to say it best. 

Here's how to expressly say it

Wedding congratulation Message For Friend

Congratulation my dear friend on tying the knot today

Congratulation on your wedding bro, my best friend, I guess this is the end of Friday nights. 

I love you my pal and I pray that you have the best of sweet matrimony.

Congratulation dear friend on settling down with the girls of your dreams.
Happy wedding to you

Happy wedding my friend and to your darling woman. 
I celebrate you and congratulate you all the more on good things more to come

Congratulation my bestie, I and the squad send our greetings in love to you. 
Have a blissful matrimony

Happy wedding to you my bosom friend, as you wend the aisle in love to the love of your life.
Have a happy wedding and married life dear

I pray by God that my friend that you shall not regret your reasons to settle with this lovely woman.
Wish you both the best

Happy wedding anniversary to you my friend, you finally made it to marriage even though you doubted all the while on its importance. 
I wish you all happiness

My friend, I am most jubilant and happy to celebrate this day with you.
Congratulations on your wedding day

To the best of my knowledge, I have not seen the lady that will say yes to you and not be her happiest.
So to that lucky lady, I say
Congratulations dear

I love you my pal and friend better than a brother, I am really happy for you today and wish you a blissful wedding ceremony

As the days shall wait out to night
Seasons age and other season come, my friend, you , I am sure will be the best of groom that will ever be, so congratulation on your marriage today

My friend, I look all about and I find no better man for a groom.
Congratulation on this big decision you have made and I am sure you both will be happy

I'm sure with your wisdom and your dispositions that any woman you will find will make a fine wife and in that I congratulate you. 
Happy wedding day

To my lovely friend, we your lovely friends, send our love and immense love to you and all your endeavors.
Happy married life

To my best friend and the brother I never had, happy wedding ceremony. 
I pray God give you a wife that will let you still on those little boys time out we always have with the gang.
Have a blissful matrimony 

I wish you both, my beloved friend and your dear husband, the best of a union as man and wife. 
Long live you two

I pray that by days as you have made this decision, your life turns out for the best.
Happy wedding ceremony dear

Happy wedding ceremony my dear friend, congratulation to now and to a fairy tale future. 
Wish you the best

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