Friday, 9 June 2017

20 Wedding Congratulation Messages For Sister

To your dear sister, be it elder or younger this is a list of beautiful message to help you put your heart to pen in congratulating her on her wedding.

Wedding Congratulation Messages For Sister

Congratulation my sister, I celebrate you on this big step in life and I pray you get the best of a happy hearth which I am sure you will have.

Congratulation my sweetheart and sister, I wish you the best times to come with the lovely man you will profess your husband.
May nothing come between you two. 

What a damsel you are dear sister and I really swell in joy to your lucky husband that priced you from us. 
Happy wedding ceremony anyways dear

Congratulation on your wedding day big sister, I am so happy for you and wish you all the best.

Congratulation my easy going, affable and sweet sister, ever in your sweet 16, it's such a surprise knowing you will be married today.
Happiness, I wish you dear

Happy wedding day to my blessed sister and friend, I celebrate you today and I am so happy for the woman you are today.
Happy wedding ceremony

To my mother when I lost one
To a friend when I had none
To a sister that was always there
And a role model that will always be
Happy wedding ceremony to you

Congratulation my dear little sister, it's funny knowing that someone else, you have promised your love now but forever you shall remain my little sister.
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my sister for everything you have impacted in my life and I am sure that as you have wittingly chose your man, you are sure to be happy.
I wish you all the best dear

You always will remain my sister even if you will receive a different name today.
Congratulation on getting married today

Congratulation my beautiful sister for the pledge of forever you will take today, I wish you all the love to stay ever blissful

My dear sister and friend, I am so elated to see you being made a wife today, it feels me with such a beautiful downpour of memories but all the same, have a be marriage life dear, love you forever

I love you my dear sister, congratulation on settling down and stay happy always else your husband will be sorry. LOL
Take care

I am so happy to be here to see you in those lovely trousseau and being married as it feels me with so much happiness.
Have a blissful wedding dear.
Love you forever

Happy wedding ceremony my lovely sister, with my hearts of hearts, I wish you all the joy in life. 

On behalf of myself and mum and dad, dear sis, have a wonderful wedding today dear

My lovely and splendid sister about to be wedded to another home, know you still have a home in out hearts and we will always love you m
Love, from your dear brother

Happy wedding ceremony my sweet sister, I am so enamored of our days as family and you being taken to another family although I should hurt, I really am happy for you on the new ambience you find yourself
Happy wedding day

Happy wedding day to my best friend and sister, I wishing you the most beautiful marriage you can ever wish and congratulate you on a lovely wedding. 

What a great and lovely wedding my dear sister, I wish that your happiness may never be cut short for all of us who loves you.
Mwah, my baby sis

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