Monday, 12 June 2017

21 Congratulation Message For Daughter

There could not be a better way to send your heartfelt congratulation to a daughter of yours who deserves it than this

My dear daughter daughter, it is with all my heart I congratulate you on your successful exploit on this.
I wish you all the best dear

It cannot suffice to say how I am very much proud to be your father, my daughter so I say a big congratulation to you

Congratulation to you my dearest daughter, I wish you a menu more blissful achievement to make

May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you more on your journey to your dream. 
I congratulate you on your successes.

My daughter always remember that it is not in so much as the destination but the means, be thankful for ski the things you have on the way to getting your desired goal.
Love you and congratulation

Congratulation my baby girl, time and again, I am so happy you are making all of us proud

I am am with a teary eye but by s happy cause because of you, I am so happy you are fulfilling all of your dreams.

My beautiful daughter and love, it feels me with joy knowing you have found the man of your choice. 

Congratulation my dearest daughter, I celebrate you for all of your expeditions.
Love you

May you get better with age and time, Amen 
Congratulation my dear daughter

O! my daughter, it is such a pique in my pride that you have attained this unimaginable height and to that I say,

My daughter, I cannot but bring myself to be so happy that you have made it so bravely in this chauvinistic world of ours, I love and pray for you dear

My daughter, thank you you for proving your doubters wrong.
I wish you all of my blessings dear

I congratulate you immensely and pray you never cease to blossom
Congratulation my dear daughter

My daughter, I live you from the bottom of my heart and I pray you get to the apogee of your life's goal. 
Love you dear

I pray God give you the strength to never relent on achieving your biggest dreams dear. 
Love you dear

My darling daughter and life, I congratulate you and your husband on your anniversary, may you grow even more together in love. 

My dear daughter, no book will fill how so I could bid you all the things in my heart but let me just start by saying, congratulation

Congratulation my dear daughter daughter, I hope you get to experience the best of all good things in life. 
Congratulation my love

Congratulation my dear daughter, to think I once sheltered you in my womb and you being the woman you are today, I pray you be more than a wife, but a woman and a success to the society.
I congratulate you my pride.
Always be persistent

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