Thursday, 8 June 2017

21 Congratulation Message To Bride And Groom

Looking for words to send to those special friends that just tied the knot and moved from the other side of lonesome.

Well you just found a list of help helping you for that, Here it goes

Congratulation Message To Bride And Groom

Congratulation on your nuptials, I pray that it turns out as blissful as you both expect

I wish you both a most fecund marriage together in union
Happy married life anew

Happy married to a most wonderful couple
I have seen to of you grown together and ask the way to marriage so by first hand observation I know you'll will stand the test of time
Wish you both happiness

Congratulation my sweet heart and love, I pray that you continue to blossom in this seemingly new experience as married couple
Wish you the best

Happy new life and congratulations on wedlock as you both thought wise to do
Love you two

I wish you both the best of marriage life and I pray for renewal of love each day as you are privileged to share with each other.

To the groom and bride cheers to a wonderful new lease of life.
Love you two

To school you both on matrimony and the importance of a happy home, time will not suffice as your mentor and friend.
But let me just say briefly
Happy married life

Happy married life to this wonderful couple that have seen hell and still choose to walk each other all the way to heaven
Happy married life again

Happy marital bliss and blessings to now and forever
Wish you both a ageless and timeless seasoned relationship

To the groom and the most amazing wife being proclaimed man and wife is just the first of it all but I wish you that at the last, you shall both of you stand in love
Happy marital bliss

Happy married life anew my lovely children as before us your parents you have been joined together, may nothing tear you asunder

Congratulation are in order my dear, I wish you all the wisdom and love in a family as needed and wanted

Happy married life and congratulations to forever
I wish you both forever happiness

Congratulation my blessed daughter and to your darling husband
I pray for you that both of you shall well in only tears of joy and bliss alone shall be your story
Wish you both the best

Upon attainment of a new status as married, I pray for you that you may be both of you ripe for the journey of marriage
Wish you the best of times together

Happy and excited day to you, the groom and bride
I pray you groom her well to be a happy wife and lovely mother as well as a beautiful woman
And to you I pray you also find your identity as a woman still and a wife you are and mother you will be. 
I wish you both balance in all things and love and commitment and passion. 
Love you forever

Happy groom and bride may you two be always and forever till even happy mother and father
Wish you happiness my dear

I pray for you both to experience unmatched bliss in this new ambience of marriage as you both shall be in. 
Wish you all the best

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