Friday, 16 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Success in Exams

The perfect message to send to a loved one who is successful on his examination is this ones laid as easily to you.

Congratulation Messages For Success in Exams

Congratulation my dear friend on the success in your papers, I wish you even more success in coming ones

My dear sister, I was informed of your papers and knowing you are doing well is a pride of mine.
Congratulations my dear

I'm so happy to utmost ecstasy to know you are thriving in your papers, I will keep on praying for you that you do even better.

I'm all peachy knowing you made all your papers my dear,
It's really a cause for celebration

I had hope so and now it's a reality knowing you A'd all your papers. 
Congratulation my prince

My friend, I guess congratulation should be in order since you've passed your papers and the next step await

I'm so happy for you my son, for you unlike others on your first try has passed this examination where many have failed

Congratulation my pride and happiness, I wish you even more examination successes to beat.
I'm so happy for you my dear

I heard my big brother that you were given some kind of reckoning because by your success in your exams you made your school proud, I must say you really are a role model to me and I congratulate you. 
Wish you the best

I pray you do even more better than the former have been able to my dear friend and I congratulate you on your successful exam.

I cannot even bring myself to tell you how many a time I wrote this exam in my heydays and you on your first time has triumphed. 
Congratulation my dear nephew

Congratulation my love for your success in your exams, it's such a joy you bring to me knowing you are excelling do far

Congratulation to the girl, I must confess has it all, brain and facials.
Now more than ever the boys will seek you more, Lol
Congratulation on your papers dear sister, you are the best

Congratulation my little brother, good to see you follow in my footsteps and your papers have shown your true colors.
Congratulation my dear brother

There's no contending you my little sister, I only feared you will verge on your nerdy self too much but all the same since it seems to be advantageous to you. 
I wish you more success in your exams

Congrats my princess on your papers, I wish you more success to come, Amen

Congratulation my dear, it is such a pique in my pride to know you thrive and set the standard in success in school. 
Congratulation dear 

Congratulation to the boy who has shown himself credible, hardworking and intelligent even self, I wish you many more success to come.
Congratulation my dear boy and son

One truth my son is that you bring such joy unbeknown to me and your father on your exploit in school and I pray you never relent on continuing to do so

How can I congratulate you enough my dear, I I know how much you have put into this and I am so happy for you, take care and keep making us your family proud, Congratulation dear

To my lovely sister, I heard you did so well in your exams and I must confess I am so proud of you

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