Friday, 16 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Winning

Victory has just that element to make for all the times of striving and to commend someone on it is a chivalrous thing to do.
Here's a list of messages to help you acknowledge someone on winning. 

Congratulation Messages For Winning

My bro, it never gets better than claiming the big prize after it all. 
I congratulate you bro

I congratulate you my dear friend on this sweet smelling victory, it really must be so cool to win after all the years of trying. 
Wish you the best bro

I am so proud of my big brother, I heard you prised the biggest prize and won the tournament, I am so happy to the moon and back. 

Congratulation my boss on winning the long time contract you have struggled so hard for, we the staff really appreciate you for acknowledging us too. 
Congratulation dear boss

To my darling wife, I love you and am so happy for you on winning this award.
Cheers to you dear.

I would be surprise if I say I am surprise to see you emerge winner because I know you deserve even more in respect of the work you have put in it. 
Con my dear.

I cannot fathom the depth of my elation for and with you this instant but I can say that I am so filled with happiness for you. 

Congratulation to the winner, my uncle.
I was so thrilled upon hearing your name announcement. 

Till now dear sister, I still revel in the joy of your success.
Congratulation on your winning dear

Congratulation to the lover of my life, unlike many chauvinistic men there are, I am so happy you have won this contract because I know your happiness is ours. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my friend, I heard of your successful exploit and I really congratulate you on them because it fills me with so much joy to celebrate you so. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my lovely sister, I celebrate with you on your triumph and I really am joyous for all of our behalf for you. 
Keep on dear

I pray that you despite your hurdles and travails my dear even after your first success still attain many more, Amen

It is said that it the not one battle that count but the war, I congratulate you on winning my fellow members and I believe you still have many more winnings to come

Congratulation my darling husband, I celebrate your winning and for all of us that love you, I wish you all the best

I celebrate you my dear friend and I am so happy you emerge number one in this competition. 

Congratulation on finishing first, I always knew numero uno was your lucky number. 

Congratulation my sweet brother, I am so happy for you and joyful to the brim that you have at last won. 

Congratulation on everything my love, it was always God will you prevail and I am happy you did. 

Congratulation on making it to the biggest stage and claiming the biggest prize. 
I wish you the best dear

Congratulation my lovely friend, I am so happy you have won this big deal. 
May God see you through

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