Friday, 16 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For University Acceptance

On that special someone's acceptance into the university, this is just the perfect list you could get to congratulate them. 
Check them out

Congratulation Messages For University Acceptance

Congratulation my friend, I have known you since high school and I knew unlike some you'll make it on your first try, wish you the best dear

I'm so happy my dear sister, I heard you accepted to the first and the best school in the country and I really am happy you got your wish. 

Congratulation my princess on getting into school, I want you to go there and make your mark as you've always done 
Congratulation and take care 

Congratulation my friend, I am in my happy suit for your sake today, I really wish you all the best in the university 

Being in the university is such a privilege my love, I am so happy you made it and even in the first cut. 
Congratulation my daughter

I'm happy my lovely sister because you have shown above all else that you can combine brain and beauty together. 

I'm so happy for you my friend making it into the university is so big a deal for you and you have successfully attained that. 
Congratulation my pal

I'm on cloud nine my little sister since hearing you made the cut into college. 
Congratulation my dear love and sister in fulfilling your dream. 

I'm glad today my friend for God has granted you this long sought after request. 
I pray that you are granted the grace to be focused and make it out with the best result possible. 

I pray my brother that for all you may hope to achieve that school may not get in the way of your education as a person entirely so you can be your best and groom your innate talents.
Congratulation my lil bro

I could say a million congrats to you now my boy but I also want to ask you to not get carried away by the novelty and the seeming freedom that comes with being in the university so you can actually do your best. 
Congratulation my dear boy

Congratulation my son on being on being all that we hoped of you.
It's a happy time for the family for your sake dear. 
I wish you the best when you get to the university

Congratulation my cousin, I am so happy you also made the cut into the university as one of the best in the list, I wish above all, you a happy matriculation

I'm so happy my friend, that your are now a freshman. 
It's such innocent times as I can remember during my own time too. 
I hope you enjoy. 
Congratulation in your acceptance dear

Congratulation my little man on making it finally to the university, I saw how much you wanted this and I knew this was going to be your year.
Wish you the best

Congratulation my daughter on being amongst the few lucky ones in the university, I had almost despaired of all chances when this blessing seemed far away but now we all rejoice with you. 

Congratulation my nephew, I must say that I'm proud of the man you've become, I hope you get to the university and make all of us proud dear. 
Love you

I'm so happy my baby, being in the university us every high school boy's dream and I'm happy you are going there to show them the genius you are. 
Congratulation once more my son on your acceptance and thanks for making us proud 

O! my lovely grandson I heard tut got accepted into the university that's my boy, I always knew you'll make us proud as you've always done. 
Thank you for being your best dear. 
Love you

To my brilliant brother to whom I will always be proud to avow, I am happy you are finally going to be joining me in the university, now that I am going to be having a little family gathering with you in school, it's going to be more fun. 
Congratulation on your acceptance dear

I can't say I was surprised but I'll say I'm happy for you my brother, wish you all the best as you make it to the university. 

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