Friday, 16 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Graduation

On the graduation in a special friend or someone, here's how to send a touch of your heart for them to feel.

Congratulation Messages For Graduation

See you amongst the in gatherings of graduates makes me so proud to tell to anyone that you came from this humble woman's womb. 
Congratulations my dear

Congratulation my dear friend, I must say I was moved to envy seeing you mount that stage as your name was announced today but it's your day and I am so happy for you. 

Congratulation in your convocation my lovely brother I am so happy you continue to excel. 
Love you, your younger brother

It's such a beautiful thing that you continue to hoist the emblem of our family name to greater height my dear.
Congratulation on your graduation

Congratulation my lovely sister, you have against all odds come this far and to that end I really celebrate you. 
Hurray to you dear. 

Congratulation my sweet daughter, I was welling with tears of joy when I saw you on that podium, it really made me proud, thank you for staying through to your academics and excelling

Congratulation my dear, I am so happy, so much I could pass for a drunk now, to my coz, I love you so and I celebrate you today. 
Happy convocation

Happy graduation party my dear, you are now in the labour market and I pray you get a chance too show your talents. 
Wish you the best

Congratulation to my little brother on finally graduating, it seemed like yesterday and now I'm really happy for you. 
God bless you

Congratulation my prince and brother, I am happy that your have scaled the rigors of school and now that you are a graduate, I hope you have a job that will meet your needs.
Congratulation once more

Congratulation on graduating my friend, I am happy to finally say those words because its been long overdue. 
I wish you a amenable labour market that will sit well with your desires. 

Congratulation my friend, I am do happy for you and you really deserve it because you strove hard enough. 
I am so happy for you

Thank the heavens my brother, you have laid the mark for me to graduate from the university, I am so happy and I wish to follow in your footsteps. 
Thanks for doing us all proud

Congratulation my son on not being amongst the drop out but for making me amongst the proud mothers that sings panegyrics for their sons. 
God bless you and once more congrats on graduating

Congratulation in being the boy with dreams I always believed in
I wish you even more better exploit to come out in the world

Congratulation my dearest sister, it must be such a blissful feeling that after all those weary days you have finally graduated.

I bid you a happy graduation my friend, I am so happy for you. 
May your from henceforth even be happier in not even seeking but making an employment for yourself because I trust in your ingenuity

Congratulation my uncle on your graduation, I am so elated in your cause and I wish you better things to ensue.

Congratulation my lovely big sister, thank God for your sake and I am happy that you have achieved this feat. 
God bless and guide you. 

Congratulation on bring amongst the many few to be celebrated for graduation my dear son. 
I am sooooo happy for you.

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