Thursday, 29 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages For Engagement

The coming together of two hearts made one is something special and beautiful and something like needs to be congratulated. 
Here's just that.

Congratulation Messages For Engagement

Congratulation to you, my dear sister, I know this day has always been your dream and I pray may the steam of love never grow cold in marriage still. 
Happy engagement to you

They say all is fair in love and war, I wish you fairness in love and may you both find love not war in a happy home together even from today your engagement day. 
Congratulation my friend

Congratulation to the best of friend I ever knew, I pray that for whatever a reason, there will be no reason to regret your decision to be betrothed today. 

Congratulation on this happy day, as beautiful as a butterfly on a birds tweet may your marriage be. 
Congratulation my dear brother

Congratulation on finally finding the perfect girl for you, I am positive that you would be happy because your ideals of love is second to none. 
Congratulation my friend

Congratulation my dear brother, I am happy you have made yourself a man and  the Single club.
Congratulations my small bro

Congratulations my son, I and your mum has been well with so much tear of joy for your even before now since announcing you have found a girl you wish to marry, I want to say I'm proud of you. 

Many a woman which children outside wedlock or before marriage, but you my daughter have made not just me proud but all of us for for keeping yourself this long. 
Congratulations on being engaged

Congratulations on finally having for yourself a wife to be, I'm very happy for you brother and may you find happiness too. 
Wish you the best

Congratulations my lovely friend, I was moved to disbelief hearing you are engaged now because I have always known you to be a hardcore single-loving kind of person. 
That lady must really be special. 

Congratulations to my best of friend, I am happy you have brought it upon you to make this bold step. 
Congratulation on your engagement my friend

If I didn't know better I would say you must have seen the heavens through this lady you are with because I know how solemn your idea to life is, it is really good to see you now engaged. 
Congratulations on such a special day for you, my friend

Congratulations on finding the woman you have chose to spend the rest of your life with. 
I wish you ask the best

Congratulations my dear cousin on your engagement, although I cannot begin to bring myself to congratulate you enough but with all my heart and, congratulation and may you find joy and all happiness, Amen

I am utterly elated for you, my dear sister, I hope you find so cause for joy and forever I'm happier than today. 
Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on getting engaged, I hope the ring of your engagement may prove a bond to love than a shackle. 
Wish you both the best

Congratulations my dear friend, I pray that heaven may suffer you joy in this matrimony you are soon to enter. 

Congratulations on being engaged my dear, I wish you all the best of luck in life and may your happiness be too much to contain as you are to be wedded.

Congratulations my son, I pray for you, all joy to you and to forever may no cause cause you to jilt this marriage you are too enter soon. 

Congratulation my son, soon as marriage calls may you find boon and blessings in it forever. 
Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on being engaged may dear daughter, I only pray that you find all that you wish of life in your togetherness and pledge of forever to your husband. 

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