Friday, 16 June 2017

21 Congratulation Messages To A New Mom

Congratulatory message to a new mom that just welcomed a child cannot prove better than this list. 
Give me the benefit of the doubt and just peruse through.

Congratulation Messages To A New Mom

Congratulation my dear, it never really bodes well for an African wife with no fruit and I am very happy God has seen to help cleave that shame. 

Congratulation my dear princess and friend, I am so happy you are now in the other side of motherhood albeit new, I am so happy for you. 

Congratulation my dame on our first child and in making us both parent.
Congratulation to you love

Congratulation my beautiful daughter, I was almost going to choke km my joy when I heard you put to bed already, congratulation my daughter for you are now And mother too

I always dreamt the day when I would hold my grandchildren in my bosom too as other older grandma out there, thank you my daughter for bringing joy into this family. 

Congratulation my dear friend, for your happiness and mirth, I am in my joyful cloak already too.
I wish you and your wife the best

Congratulation my lovely children, I am on cloud nine today because you catapulted me there by the tidings of a new addition to our little happy family. 
Thank you and may God grant you more children to follow

I relish this day, the happiest of my life, thank you my lovely wife and congratulation to us on our child

Congratulation my dear friend, I know it must have been hard, labour but seeing your face afterwards, it was like nothing else matters than your baby before you. 
I'm so happy for you dear, congratulation

Congratulation in finally allaying the sling shot of insults that people would normally do by putting to bed. 
I am so happy for you my friend

Congratulation dear sister, your most happy hubby called to greet us of the news of your baby. 
Congratulation and thanks for making me an aunt too

I'm so happy my dear coz, nothing fills me with joy but acknowledging this big day for you. 
I'm so happy that everything is perfect and fine now more than ever in your marriage. 

Congratulation my beauteous sister, I am going to say that being joyful is a misnomer because I am so happy for you beyond words to express it. 
Congratulation in being a mother finally

Congratulation on seeing the Holy Grail of your Matrimony and I am so happy it is coming at this time when it seemed impossible to know that for God nothing is impossible.
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my daughter, I and your mum are both of us so happy today for you have made us so. 

Congratulation and many more children to come in Jesus name. 
Love you my friend

Congratulation on your begotten son who I must say is lucky to have a mother like you, friend. 
A big happiness I wish your dear

Congratulation on your attainment of yours and your husband couple goals, having children can be strenuous but I have not seen a keener lady for babies than you.
Once more congrats

Congratulation in being now in the mom's club, that must be a happy place to be right now for you dear friend, I wish it forever be a cause for happiness dear. 

Congratulations my princess in making this family, a proud name and proving barrenness has no place with us but most of all congrats to your happiness 

Congratulation on bring the mother of a very beautiful kid.
I wish this cause for joy will be the source of many more joy to come even in years

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