Thursday, 29 June 2017

21 Congratulation Wishes For Doctorate or PHD

On attaining something as worthy as a doctorate degree, PhD, a worthy message of congratulation to that lucky one and what better way than this list of messages. 

Congratulation Wishes For Doctorate or PHD

I am happy and proud of you, my son that despite, you are never prideful but modest in your achievements which I am sure will see you go far. 
Congratulation our dear doctorate.

For all the hard work, determination, sacrifice s and now the goal. 
Congratulation on your degree, my dear fiance as your joy is mine too 

Congratulation on your degree, I heard your dissertation was the best and profound in it's delivery.
I wish you all the best, doctor

Congratulations on your success, it's truly a tiding of joy and I wish you great success in the labour market as his boost your chances. 
Love you dear husband

Congratulations. It's rather rare young chap like yourself to toll the line you followed in your dissertation but I must commend it because it proved you are daring.
Best wishes my friend

It is such joy that a doctorate has ensued from this clan. 
Congratulation my son first making us ask proud 

Well done my doctor and cousin, I heard you finally got your doctorate degree, I am really proud of you. 
More to come, Amen

You being the best of your set and finally attaining your PhD is something to be proud of. 
All the best in your field. 

I wish that in pursuance of your bigger goals, may they become more attainable now than ever. 
Congratulation on reaching your desired end

You have proven yourself undeterred and ready in the face of adversity and it's what has landed you your PhD degree. 
Congratulation my dear son 

We wish you all the luck and success in life, from your little bro and on behalf of everyone at home, I say
Congratulation dear doctor of philosophy

Congratulations on breaking   and setting new tracks everywhere you tread.
All the best.

It is no small thing to obtain a PhD as evident the small amount of people that attain it. 

Congratulations my son,  you've since your younger days hoisted the flag that bears our family ensign and even now yourself. 
I wish you more brains and more grounds to break in addition to your PhD. 

You always strike to me as a a nerd not in a bad sense especially as it has helped you as a brainy person that you are. 
Congratulation on your PhD, doctor

Never could anyone had endured what your went through and have this to prove as victory over his background. 
Congratulation doctor on your PhD

You have done it as the first to obtain his doctorate PhD of our clique.
Congratulation my dear friend

I hope that well fitting brain of yours fraught with ingenuity and behind those geeky glasses that never stop bringing you accolades. 
Congratulation on your PhD, Sir

I pray for longer years for you to enjoy all this that you have laboured for. 
Congratulation on your PhD degree

I trust more than ever those brains of yours shall be to use to let the world sing your name one day because you are a true genius. 
Congratulation on your PhD friend.

The sound of your name is already a cause of envy as it goes before you. 
Congratulations and best wishes on your PhD, doctor

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