Thursday, 29 June 2017

21 Congratulations to Boss For Achievement

To a boss that is celebrating an achievement, what better way to be the perfect staff than sending a little bit of congratulatory message than this. 

Congratulations to Boss For Achievement

Congratulations on your big announcement sir, I was not the least surprised you got the award and I am happy that we as a group keep thriving many thanks to you.

May your success keep speaking for you amidst many more.
Congratulation on proving your worth time and again. 

With hardwork , painstaking devotion, undeterred spirit, I say congratulation for everything.

You have more than anyone impacted to my life more virtues I may think of because of your congenital spirit. 
Congratulation on never relenting. 

I really celebrate you and congratulate you on your award sir, and on behalf of all of us your staff, we wish you more to come. 

Thank you boss for everything and I am most elated that you keep winning which seems the only option for you as a person.
Congratulation sir

What you have achieved and will achieve, I pray that I can one day follow in your steps sir. 
Congratulation sir

Congratulations on your new achievement.
From whatever standpoint you truly make us proud as a boss and I am happy to learn beside someone like you. 

That you are ascribe for more despite having more is the mentality that you will get you more. 
Congratulation sir on teaching and living by this. 
It's been a privilege to work with you. 

As more projects get the added with new ones. 
I congratulate you sir for the bulk of the success is due to you. 

Congratulation on your new achievement boss, 
You truly are setting new grounds as you have proven that anyone else can.
May your career blossom even more hereon out. 

I pray that the unrelenting effort you put towards getting an unrivaled success rub on me too as your employee.
Congratulation sir on once again being the best. 

You are always the boss not by title but proving it times and again that you are a leader, congrats sir  you even more in your career. Congratulations! 

We, your employees would like you to know that you have redefined what an employer-employee by your many wonderful attributes. 
Congratulation Sir on everything.

You are the epitome of a modern Oliver Twist sir, because in the good light of it you truly make a good example of us to follow. 
Congratulation on your recent achievement sir. 

Because you have shown us as the role model to us in this job that there is no limit to what someone can achieve, thanks sir and congratulation.

I'm once again happy sir, that you have been recognized as the best thing to ever happen in this field of study. 
Congratulation for hoisting the flag high, sir.

It's such a passion of mine, working whilst knowing that in the realms of possibilities, my dreams are achievable because of your encouraging life. 
Congratulations sir and thanks for being an inspiration

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement sir.
I am happy that you do not relent still despite the array of accolades in your name.

We are so happy to celebrate you sir on your newest achievement.
May you continue to win the many awards still.

May this huge success not deter you to keep pressing for more.
Congratulation sir, for time and again, you have made an achievement worthy to be emulated

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