Wednesday, 28 June 2017

21 I Miss You Like Quotes

You miss that special one and speaking your heart seems to elude you, here's some pretty good analogy to explain yourself to that person you've been missing.

I Miss You Like Quotes

I miss you so much like a child misses her blanket and without you is a lonely cold night each night

If only you know what you've caused of me making me as though a body without life and the night with the stars

I miss you so my love as like an addict misses his drug for you are the high of me

I miss you so much like as though a dying man would need the littlest of air to live

Being without you has made me as though a rose prickled by a thorn 

I need you my love and I miss you like an adult misses his child days but cannot see them again

I miss you my dear and need you as a thirsty soldier needs water

I miss you so much like a sailor that misses his voyage to sea dear 

Like a wind without a sail is how you make me each time I am without you

I miss you my dearest love and each day like I child misses it's mother and I keep hoping you come home soon 

I am without your unmatched love as though a vessel without a helmsman or a car without an engine

I miss you so much like the people miss the summer when winter comes

To think I never truly knew your worth, now it's like am living on borrowed oxygen, please come back to me, my air

I miss you, your smell, your touch and your body like the very stale air in here misses the gales

I miss you so much last Psyche misses Cupid and I could go to Hades even if to find you

I miss you so much like a dry land misses rain

You were to me like a desert needs an oasis and I miss you my love

I'm so crazy I'm love with you dear and I miss you like the gods needs their aphrodisiac to stay alive

I miss you so much that my heart is telling like the curmurings of my belly

I miss you so much like a caged bird misses the air

I miss you like as though you are the substance that make me breathe because since you've been gone, I find it hard to

Since I've had to do without you, I've had to cope with the darkness because I have since been like a lour sky that needs the sun

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