Monday, 12 June 2017

21 Wedding Congratulation Messages For Colleagues

To a colleague of yours that is having a wedding ceremony.

There cannot be a better message or messages you can get

Wedding Congratulation Messages For Colleagues

OMG, my friend and colleague, I am so happy for you that you have chosen to settle down with the lover of your life. 
Happy wedding ceremony to you

Happy wedding dear and by God I pray you are happy today that is your day

I wish you my darling colleague and friend that you be your happiest as you have chosen to be married today. 
Happy wedding day friend

Happy wedding to you my friend and to see you being made a husband on this gracious day fills my with joy. 
Wish you there best dear

To the best colleague I ever heard, happy wedding day my friend

I've seen you at work, seen your gentlemanly behavior, your attention and your meticulous dispensation, if can't make the finest husband I don't who can.
Do have a splendid wedding and marriage friend

I have known you longer than a brother and I know you to be a wonderful man, I believe that will translate to being a wonderful spouse.
Happy celebration friend

Happy wedding my brilliant and most loved colleague.
Have a blissful matrimony

To the best of the marriage world bro, I wish you the happiest of wedding today

I wish my friend as long as as all happiness you wish of yourself, the glorious of days to forever.
Happy wedding dear

Happiness and all joy in togetherness I wished you my friend. 
Congratulation my dear on your wedding

Congratulation to the woman I consider more than a colleague herself, a sister and friend to me. 
Happy wedding dear

Happy wedding ceremony my lovely friend and adviser and should I add, a great colleague as well, you have shown yourself to be the great person you are.
Congratulation my dear friend

Congratulation my pal, I'm going to miss our single days now with a wife hovering over as check but all the same
Happy wedding to you

Happiness in not just your wedding dear but also in togetherness my friend is what I wish and want for you.

I cannot bring myself to know that our us-time would now have to be exchanged for wife time which involves you driving home early after work.
Anyways, happy wedding day pal

Happy wedding day my friend and companion in the office.
I am so happy for you on this beautiful wedding

It's a beautiful thing to see you join them gang of married men dear friend.
Have a blissful wedding ceremony

I pray my dear that all of your heart desires in a marriage be met with all joy and happiness.
Happy wedding ceremony dear

Have a blast today my friend and colleague, happy wedding day to you

I wish you my darling friend, a happy hearth to forever. 
Happy wedding to you dear

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