Monday, 12 June 2017

21 Wedding Congratulation Messages For Brother

To greet a wonderful brother who is getting married.

No better than these can you get 

Wedding Congratulation Messages For Brother

My lovely brother, I am so happy that the little boy is now a man today. 
Happy wedding to you dear

Happy wedding to the best friend and bro that I cannot have wished a different brother than you. 
Have a blissful matrimony

To the nuptial of all nuptials, I am my happiest and cannot be any less. 
Have a wonderful day

My bro and to your lovely damsel, happy wedding my dear

Happy wedding my favorite sibling, don't let the other Ms know.
Do have a splendid ceremony dear

My lovely brother, I am so happy being your right hand man today. 
Happy wedding ceremony my bro

I wish you my dear little bro the most amazing wife and being you can ever wish to be married to. 

My bro, I am so enamored of your decision to become married as it is a proof of your wanting to take on responsibilities.
Have a blissful wedding today dear

I cannot but see you in the light of that nimble boy that once was young but as you take this mature step in adulthood
Congratulation dear bro

Happy days to happy happy years, I wish you little brother. 
Have a wonderful wedding

Happiest of wedding I wish you my friend.
May nothing put you asunder

Have yourself my big brother, a happy wedding today and a happy future tomorrow. 
I wish you joy and happiness forever

Happy wedding my friend and to a happy home, I toast to you. 
Forever I am with you, your bro

Happiness and peace friend that shall never be wanting in this decision that have prompt you to be married today, I pray you receive.
Do have a happy wedding dear brother

Happy wedding day my brother, from your lil sister and friend, I wish you the best of good times to come, Amen

Happy wedding my brother, I, your sister am so happy to celebrate you and I congratulate you the same. 
Love, dear

Congratulation my dear as you add one more to our family, I wish you and your lovely bride, a happy wedding today

Lots of love my bro, from me your brother. 
Have a happy wedding friend

I wish you my darling bro the happiest of days to come and I can see you soon to be a father.
Have a wonderful wedding bro

On behalf of mama and Papa and all of us that love you. 
Have a awesome wedding today dear

To our parent and I, so proud of the man you have proven yourself to be. 
Have a wonderful wedding bro

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