Thursday, 8 June 2017

22 Congratulation Message For Baby Girl

You just need to send that special someone that just welcome a beautiful bouncing girl to the world, a celebratory message. You can't find a better message than this

22 Congratulation Message For Baby Girl

Congratulation dear on the birth of your beautiful baby girl today, I wish that your happiness will not be cut short.

Happy and beautiful celebration, I wish you as you celebrate today this beautiful girl that by virtue of you two would see the world anew. 
I wish you and the beautiful girl, a wonderful relationship together

Happy new life I wish you baby girl with brightness in your eyes and innocence in your soul.
Wish you all the best and to your parent

As you age, I cannot wish more to you than wishing you the perfect family as God thought to place you in. 
Love you dear

The beautiful gaze into a child's eye is the best sight one can ever hope to see as you both can now attest by this beautiful child God has blessed you with
Congratulation my friends

Congratulation my lovely friends, I pray you avail all strength, wisdom and understanding to sire a female child as you will need, once more again, I congratulate you

Congratulation dear friend, I am so happy God has blessed you with this double blessings much more than you may know.
I wish you even more joy to come

Having a beautiful girl I can tell you will be the best thing you can ever have
So I congratulate you my dear friend

I say to you both with all my heart, a big congratulations to you for this blissful experience on being a parent to a most wonderful girl. 

Congratulation my dear sister on giving birth today, this is the best news I've heard all year. 
Save a smile for me for the baby

Congratulation to my lovely parents for giving me a sibling.
Thanks mum and dad

Congratulation my dame for on this day you've made me the happiest man alive and I thank you so much
Happy new day to our beautiful daughter

I welcome with you, your beautiful and darling daughter that we your family celebrate with you. 

Congratulation my lovely wife, I thank you for making me a happy father of one today and most especially to a be girl as this
Thanks dear

Thanks my lovely child for making my old back to be able to raise my own grandkids too before I expire

As long as you have both of you been privileged to be the parent to this wonderful girl, I pray you both get the wisdom to take care of her
Congratulation dear

Thanks dear sister for making me an uncle today to a beautiful baby girl

Congratulation my dear for not putting shame to this family and making my house with your dad have a child to roam and I pray that even more will come to fill my court with cries of little children.

Congratulation to you on everything that has worked to bring you this bundle of joy and to forever, I pray your joy will not be cut off

Happy and blissful day is it today my long time friend, I am happy today of all days to say a wonderful congratulation to you on becoming a father too
Wish your household more bundle of joy to come

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