Monday, 12 June 2017

22 Congratulation Message For Pregnancy

To a couple you want to extend your greetings to who have welcomed a child into the world. 

Here is how to do just that

Congratulation Message For Pregnancy

I can only say that I am so happy that my heart is light to see your wife heavy with child. 
Congratulation my brother

Congratulation on being a mother-to-be. 
I wish you all joy and happiness

May you never have a cause to lose this baby by some fortune or misfortune. 
I pray for safe delivery. Amen

Congratulation on being chosen to sire a son my friend.
Make sure to be a good father to this beautiful child to be born

Congrats my friend and I thank God for granting your heart desire.
May this child to come bring you joy

Your home is finally complete with a child that will soon be running about the room with innocence.

Congratulation my dear on your wife's pregnancy
I pray that no miscarriage shall befall her. 

I am so happy for you that it will be an understatement to say I am happy, but congrats on your wife's pregnancy

I wish your wife a stress-free delivery as possible
Congratulation the both of you 

Congratulation my dearest daughter on being a mother.
Love you forever

Already as nine months stands in your way to motherhood, I congratulate you as your journey to motherhood begins

Congratulation my friend, it's such a happy day to see your heavy pregnant. 
I celebrate with you dear
Congrats once more

Congratulation on this joyful thing to celebrate, I pray you get everything you ever wish for and dreamt and that God continues to bless you in honoring you with even more children to come

I pray that by God who have seen it fit to bless you with a child will aid you in the bearing of it. 
Congratulation my daughter

Congratulation to your family my friend, I pray that you add another bough of joy as quick to this.

I thank you my dear love and I am so happy as no tidings can ever be sweeter than hearing you say the words. 
May you bear a healthy baby, boy or girl. 

I pray by God, my sister that will all my heart you have even more healthier children to come. 
Congratulation on your pregnancy dear

Congratulation my boss on your wife pregnancy we are happy to hear of it sir

It feels me with joy my friend knowing you should have yourself called a father in no less than nine months to come.

Congratulation dear friend on your wife's pregnancy.
May she give birth safely, Amen

I am so happy and brimmed with joyousness that you have finally been blessed with a baby in the womb

May the enclave of your womb my dear friend be a happy home for your beautiful child in the womb, Amen. 
Congratulation dear friend

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