Friday, 9 June 2017

22 Congratulation message To Boss For Job Promotion

To a boss that you cherish and you want to wish all the best on his promotion.

Messages to use cannot come any better than this to send to him

Congratulation message To Boss For Job Promotion

Congratulation boss on your promotion to all of us that really care for you.
We wish you the best

It's expedient you go but that doesn't stop us from reminiscing about the good old days with you treating us as even your equals but as you are to go
Congratulations boss on your promotion

Congratulations dear boss on this new height you have attained, I pray you reach greater heights even from there on out. 

Happy promotion my boss, albeit we are going to miss you but our thoughts syncs with you to wish you the best in what you alone know best to do

Civil, kind, a professional and hardworking, with so this and more, no one deserved that promotion more. 
Wish you the best sir

Happy promotion my boss, 
Sir, I pray that you continue to experience the goodness you have shown with civility and professionalism

To the best of the boss I ever had, I congratulate you and wish you the best in this stage of your dreams

Dear boss, on behalf of everyone that appreciate you, we wish you the best in your new position

Congratulation my dear boss, by the behest of the staff, I send my utmost respect to you for everything you have impacted to us and we pray that you keep reaching more heights.
More grace to your elbow sir

What a beautiful day sir, we celebrate you and congratulate you on attaining this long held desires of yours.
Happy promotion boss

Happy promotion boss, I pray that you get better with age as wine and be the person you always are, the best boss ever
Happy promotion my boss

I guess its farewell to your old position now boss, I wish you the best of times in your new job or should I say position.

We wish you have the best boss, you have been most kind hearted and nice.

To you boss, we congratulate you for reaching the peak of your desires.

Congratulation my dear boss and friend, it is a cruel thing you to not be able to see a boss as you again but I am glad for you all the same.
Congratulation my boss

Congrats boss, I hope you meet your desires in your promotion and ne'er stop being the best boss we know you to be especially to that lucky staff that should have you.

Congratulation my boss and for your friendship and the air you gave at work to make it easy for staffs like me to express freely ourselves.
We wish you the best

Congratulation my dear boss, here's to a blissful relationship in your new office as you had with us. 

Congratulation sir, on your new achievement and its a honour to have worked with you. 

I am so elated sir that you have seen the best of the world of achievement and success.
Wish you all the wisdom sir

Sir, we congratulate you for everything and we appreciate you for your service to us and otherwise our service to you
It was truly an honor sir

Thank you sir for all the good things you have done and I pray that you never change as the best boss you are.
Congratulation boss on your promotion

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