Thursday, 29 June 2017

22 Congratulation Messages For Retirement

To a special someone and retiree, here's how to ink a beautiful message to them in having the best things one can ever hope for post-retirement

Congratulation Messages For Retirement

My ever sturdy and nimble dad, I know if it were left to your own devices you'll not even want to do away with office but at the bright side of things I celebrate you on 35years of service. 
Congratulation dad

Congratulation sir, I, more than anyone in the world wish you a happy times post working days.
Congratulation on all you've achieved.

I pray you adjust to the new routine as quick and to thrive even better
Wish you well on your retirement

I pray for longer life to relax after that about of years devoted to office work. 
Congratulation on your retirement

Congratulation dad, I wish you a wealthy amount of time and years still after this retirement
Love you

Congratulation sir, we really are going to miss you in the office but in behalf of everyone, I wish you well with long life and more prosperity

I wish you all the best, my dear and I pray for strength my dear husband, congratulation on your retirement

We are happy that we should have you more at home with us more as it gladdens us although how hard is it is for you because of your love for your job but on the bright side, Congratulation on your retirement

Congratulation on finally passing the torch old friend, I will always remember our early 80's when we started our, it's a pity our bones should fail us. 
Congratulation although on your retirement

Congratulation my dear aunt on finally retiring, I hope you see the perks of it to rest and get to enjoy more time to yourself. 
Love you

Dear Uncle, a big congratulation on your retirement, may life be slow to retire you and may you leave longer years from now. 

I wish you dear Mummy the bright beams of peace that comes with a fulfilled life post retirement. 

Congratulation sir I wish you all and more you may ever wish yourself. 
Better years ahead post retirement, Amen

I pray that you have a wonderful and peaceful environment where you can enjoy your post retirement days.

Congratulation to your retiring and on your hardworking days, I hope that your legacy at the office will be a path followed by future ones.
I say Thanks for everything

Happy to follow in your footsteps sir one day to retire a fulfilled man

You truly lived an exemplary academician and role model and I am happy and sad at the same time we'll lose a figure like you. 
Congratulation on your retirement

Nothing brings me more joy father than that you should retire a happy and fulfilled man that you are. 

Congratulation on all that matters to you, although you should retire, it's long overdue your dedication to your job. 
Wish you all the best

Congratulation to your retirement and I pray that post retirement may be just as fruitful as before retirement.
We wish you all the best sir

Congratulation my big brother on retiring, I'm happy for your immediate family and us too, we pray for your success even though it should be be outside the job

Make some investments
Relax for a long time
Enjoy the day
And be in the company of your loved ones. 
I wish you dad, all the best post retirement

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