Thursday, 29 June 2017

22 Congratulation Messages To Colleagues For New Job

Congratulation to you, I guess I can call your an ex-coworker, I hope you find and get all that caused to leave this job in the first place. 
Good luck

Congrats dear friend, I hope that you a ambience that is just as good and workable.
I wish you luck in your new job

If you should ask me friend, I'd wish you stayed but since you've thought it to go, I pray you have all the best one can think of. 
Congratulations on your new job dear

Congratulations on having for yourself a new job and I hope the pay is good too. 
We'll miss you in the office although you had to leave. 

I know it was expedient you left but if only things had gone different in the office even that it's past now. 
Congratulations on finding a job as soon friend. 

I'm so happy for you my friend that you are now employed with a job after leaving us, congratulations on your engagement back to work. 
Wish your all the best

Congratulation my friend, as a man I know this job must have brought back that sense of fulfilment back to you after leaving us. 
Congratulation on your new job man

Congratulation my pal, I'm so happy for you, I pray you find happiness in your new job and wish you a six figure amount. LOL

I pray my friend that by God, you may keep this job longer than you did with us and climb that rung higher for promotion even. 

Congratulation my best friend, I am rife with pure ecstasy know you got the job at last, we really missed your at the office but things happen at best. 

To you my friend and by the behest of all of us, your ex coworkers, we say a big congratulation on your new job

Congratulation my dear friend, I know how hard it must have been, the search but I am happy it's behind now
Congrats on your new job

Congratulation my lovely friend and sister from another mother, I cannot express enough together with all of us your ex-colleague, the joy of hearing you are now with a new job. 
Congratulation on your attaining it dear

I'm glad you pulled through on this, it must be a happy time to your household as a man without a job can be a frustrating thing.
Congratulation on getting back behind a desk

Congratulation my friend, I must say I'm happy for you being back at work. 
Congratulations and wish you proficiency and luck also. 

I wish you my dear friend, a happier time in your new job, auspiciousness and the best to come. 

Cheers to many more happy tidings to share and to your job, I wish you promotion and favor.

Congratulation my dearest, I just want to say I'm glad that you have found yourself a new employment and nothing can be more worthy for a married man our of job for months, I am sincerely happy for you. 

Congratulation my friend, may you find in this new job, willingness to work, learn, share grow and better pay, let me not forget that.
Congratulation all the same, I wish you the best

It's so hard a man like you with perseverance, hardworking, industrious and focused would stay out of a job for long. 
Thanks for proving me right and welcome to a new job. 

Very sage what you friend did, applying for a new job with better pay and attaining it before you quit here, I must say I'm impressed by you.
Congratulation on that and cheers to your wisdom.

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