Thursday, 8 June 2017

22 Congratulations Message For Brother

With unfeigned joy and happiness to your brother and yet you cannot seem to represent that joy with your pen. Here's a list of beautiful messages to help you with that

Congratulations Message For Brother

Congratulations on your promotion my brother and for being the big brother to us albeit the burden of being a bread winner your age.
Love you

Congratulations my brother on your achievements and beware because I know as your big sister, girls would want you more now. 
Take care

Congratulations my brother, I know despite the hardships you worked hard for this and you getting it now, I just pray you reach greater heights that you ever wished. 
Love you

My lovely bro, we all your siblings celebrate you today and with affection send you our love, congratulations dear

O! my bro, I am so happy for you and on your promotion, I pray this be the first of many heights to reach

As all of us that cherish genuinely your presence as a big brother in this family and on behalf of them all. 
Congratulations big bro

Now that you have gained admission to the school of your choice, I am happy for you bro

To your big dreams that you know better to build than anyone else and achieve them, I say a big congratulations to you for never doubting and keep going strong.
Love, your sister

On my grounds, you've been the best brother ever and I celebrate you big brother, thanks for sticking with us and being our everything even without father and Congratulations once more for many other success to come

Lots of love to you my dear brother and mentor and friend, I congratulate you on your record breaking ground at the office and I pray you continue to experience goodness and favor

A big congratulations my bro I as you begin serving your country, I pray that you experience the beauties of love, happiness and peace. 

Congratulations my bro, we all celebrate you hearing of your success in the office. 
We love you

More than anything in the world, my lovely bro I am so happy for you as you celebrate this big feat moving forward.
Congratulations dear

It would seem luck sides by you all the time but I pray that with that you also become favoured.
Congratulations dear bro, love you

To my brother and friend, it seems just like the yesterdays when you would be with us now you are too be married and it is hard for me to let go, but all the same to that your lucky wife, I say

Congratulation my lovely brother, I pray that you continue to blossom as the buds of May and be as successful in all your toils. 
Love you, your big sis

My lovely bro, I am so happy to hear of your achievements and I have missed our silky conversations but from your little sister, congratulations dear are in order when we next meet

Congratulations my brother, I am so happy that you are finally reaping the benefits of hard work and I pray by God that you may keep on breaking grounds.

To my role model and brother, I really celebrate you and your family, con to you and your lovely wife, my in-law.
congratulation my dear

Congratulations my lovely brother, from your big sister and who is married and has seen it all, I pray that as you have chosen the love of your life, may God grant you two utmost happiness.

My beautiful bro, I thank God for you and also congratulate you on your successes and even as you have proposed to travel for greener pastures, may you get better by the years past. 
Love, your caring sister

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