Thursday, 8 June 2017

22 Congratulations Messages For Son

Your son has just welcomed a big feat in his life and you need to congratulate him on his success, Look no further because it's why this list of congratulatory message was penned. Here it is, take a look

Congratulations Messages For Son

In the light of this big deal you pulled through, I am really proud of you son. 
Keep it up

Congratulation my dear son for not putting our name to shame and on the birth of your beautiful baby.
Love you

I pray for you my dear that you will have no cause to not walk in the light of the blessings God has given you and I wish hit even more blessings to come
Wish you the best

I celebrate you my dear son and it gives me joy knowing that you were once in my womb and you are making waves like this.
Happy celebratory dinner

With all my heart and soul my lovely child, I am so grateful to God because your joy is ours so I really thank the Lord for another blessing in our lives

Congratulation my lovely son and to your family, I hope that you won't forget us your parents and first family ooo. 
My prayers goes to you always, stay safe and sound

Congratulation to the my pride, my emblem, my rock, my child. 
I am happy that you are what you are today and I cannot celebrate you long enough but I say a wonderful congratulation to you. 

Forever in my heart are you son and in my prayers, and I pray you fulfill all your wishes ever had. 
Wish you best of everything

To the pride in my life and my the fruit of my ground, Mama says hi and also to your house, I congratulate you on your promo and I pray nothing will ever cause your demotion.
Love you

I, your father am proud that you have lived a life as you have lived, God fearing, chivalrous and a family oriented individual, I pray that more blessings continue to flow in your life to forever
Love you

Congratulation my dear, I am happy for you on the capturing of a long awaited deal. 
I wish you best of luck

Luck and favor shall never run amiss in your life, Amen and as you have started on this, I pray you finish. 
Congratulation my love

My beautiful son, you may have grown now as a man but you still remain my son I'll always cherish.
I congratulate you on this height you have attained and I pray you even get higher

Congratulation on your matriculation dear, I wish you the best of things to come in school

Congratulation my lovely boy, I wish you favour in the sight of God and Man and I pray that this be the beginning of things greater to come

Congratulation my prince, I am and forever will be enamored of you as my one and only son as your joy is evidently mine too.
I pray that for you and your lovely family, you will continue to beat the odds to greatness
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my dear and I wish you the best times of both worlds, work and family and success in both.

My child, in respect of myself and your dad, we say a big congratulations on your new achievement.
More to come, Amen

Congratulation my love and a happy day to you for better and bigger achievement and success to come
Love you

For all of your heart desires, I pray that you have been hunting long since, I pray you meet them and even surpass them
Wish you all the love in the world dear

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