Thursday, 29 June 2017

22 I Will Miss You Quotes

I know how hard it must be to miss you but I don't know if I'll be able to be without you for that long.

Before the new day should come and you should go, It will really be a hard time for me but nonetheless goodbye in advance

Not knowing was better when I didn't have to worry about you leaving tomorrow because now miss you even when you are here

I can't help to think I'll have to wake up, look to my right tomorrow and not see you. 
I will miss you so much dear 

Like a child misses her blanket at night, I miss you even when you are still here but I miss you still hoping I will miss you less when you finally go

I will miss our days together friend, when it was so carefree and jovial now you leaving is surely going to be the biggest bane of my life. 

I will miss you my love , I know we have no hope of being a thing again but I will miss you still

I don't know how it feels missing someone so special but I fear that with you gone I will have to tread that path soon

Congratulation dear ex on finally throwing me to the lane of jilted men. 
I really want to hate you but all I do each day is miss you

I only wish we can have more time together before the gloomy dark cloud your eyes and ferry you yonder.
I will miss you dear

The cold weather may come and I'll miss the sun, the night too and I'll even pray for it and the my belly may churn and I'll pray for food but never will I miss them as I will you

I'll miss you, I know I've told a thousand lie but this is the truth because I'm miss you so much

I wish I could lie and say, to hell with you and that I don't care what you do with yourself but the truth is I care still for you and I will miss you so

I know in my heart of hearts you still love me, it's just that ego got the better of us, I will miss you my love

It's going to be hard putting all of the pieces together, where I went wrong and where we lost it but I will miss you dear, take care of you

I dare say I will miss you because I have lost all pride knowing you could want out of a love I thought was the best thing to ever happen to two of us, unfortunately it's was a one sided love

Congratulation my dear, I love that you have made a decision to leave us but still I rue that you'll be leaving soon

Goodbyes are never easy to tell but I dare say goodbye now. 
I will miss our times together

I'll miss us together my dear, Adieu my dear

Goodbye my belle I guess I should learn to say before the tomorrow knells.

Farewells are never easy to say, my love, but I never thought I'd be saying it and so quick.
But I will miss you and that's for sure

I miss you even now that you are with us and it's because you have chosen to despair even before death calls. 
I will miss you my love

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