Wednesday, 28 June 2017

22 Miss You So Much Quotes

To that one you've been missing and so much that you just have to let them know. 
Here's how to express your feelings better.

Miss You So Much Quotes

O! my love, I miss you so much that each time I despair to see a new sun knowing it won't bring you with it 

With a relapse to solitude, I find myself even in the midst of crowd, that how much I miss you

I miss you so much more than silver and gold than I could ever imagine to describe

I miss you my dear so much it would hurt to start describing just how

I miss you so much my dear with every beautiful sunrise losing their beauty in my eye because you're not there to share the moment with me

I miss you do much that I keep finding myself plunge to despondency each time you cross my mind

I could swear I miss you with every bit of my person so much that life loses its hue to me

I miss you so much my love and it kills to know that you're out there somewhere even when you should be here with me 

I mean to go each day happy every night I think to but when the morning comes I end up failing to do away with the very thought of you

I miss you my dear so much that life means death without you

I could give my my all for a glimpse of your because what is fortune without the one to share them with

To think that one word from your will change the course of my life is such power no man should have but alas I am in thrall with you since and I mite you like crazy

I miss your every smell and the sweet kisses that smacks of honey from you, please come back baby because I miss you too much to say

The way I miss you is too unfathomable to the human mind to convey or understand because I damn each second like a food slow to rot

I miss you too much that I cannot say how so I just resolve to say
"I'm fine", when asked
"How are you"

If only there's a words more than devastating then I'll say exactly how much you make me feel by your absence

I miss you so much I seem each say a soul without a will

I miss you do much I could write exactly how much and it'll fill the pages worth the size of a Bible

I miss you so much that it seems as though my life is a book where dirges are sung

Missing you has made me as a man in need of reasons to live but has not one

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