Wednesday, 28 June 2017

25 Long Service Congratulation Messages

Giving a whole lot of your life to something is no small a thing.
And it's such acts more than anything that is deserving of praise, here is a list of wording especially compiled for that.

Long Service Congratulation Messages

I cannot tell how much I truly appreciate the years you have stayed with us old friend and impacted on this enterprise but I must say I am very proud to have an employer like you. 
Happy 25 years with us

I so much appreciate every single minute your spent so special with this company that even when I despaired on its own formidability, your perseverance caused me to believe still.
Happy 20years of being the best. 

With a service as long as you have done us my friend comes our sincere recognition from all of us your co-workers. 
Congratulation on your 15years of endless love for this company. 

Never before have I seen one as committed to something that is not inherently his and with passion, my friend, with your kind of person, I am sure I'll not stand should comparison starts. 
Your dedication and loyalty, your love and persistency especially I cherish.
Congratulation on 28 years with us and I pray you don't tire.

Each year and I ne'er tire to say the same thing that you are always the nimble, strong, ready and hardworking co-worker I ever saw. 
Congratulation my friend on 25years and counting

To have you here is the most fortuitous thing to have happened to this company stemming 20 years now and I said this as I did the first year. 
Congratulation on your 20th years in this business service.

Congratulation for working your socks off every single day for the security of this country which many will not appreciate or may come to know but I don't more than ever know that it is the likes of you that gives the force a good name amidst the bad. Congratulation Sir on 20years and counting

Celebrating you alas is the least I can come up with but I know that you deserve the best of Medals putting yourself on the line for your country every single day since the last 15 years, such chivalrous an act
Congratulation on your 15 years in the force uncle

I really appreciate your long years of service in this job my most trusted employee and friend.
Through the years, I have come to respect you and even sought out your kind in every interview for newer employees but you are just an epitome of professionalism which I admire. 
Thank you for the many years with us

I, as an boss in this company, I thank you for all the many years with us, you truly deserve a raise for you have consistently shown yourself a true and genuine person as an employee and I must say I wish you the best. Thanks 

Congratulations! dad on making it 20years in a company which I myself know you deserve more. 
May you journey not be cut short as you do what your enjoy doing. 
Wish you the best. 

It is amazing how an uncompromising and unscrupulous worker you are as 20 years ago when tut first had your first interview with us and now you being just that same is remarkable for this company.
Thanks and congrats for the long years

There is no expressing the manner at which your reputation goes before you, I respect you so much and celebrate you on reaching this height, 18 years with a company is no small commitment. 

I only wish the perks of this feat is large enough to compensate you on your staying true to this company but I really want to say, thanks for all the years we celebrate your sir. 

With unstinting appreciation and gratitude, I must say you were and still is the oil that keep this company running with your fine.
Congratulation and thanks for 15 good and wonderful years with us. 

With your negotiation skills, your devotion and membership.
Congratulation on being 20 years true to us and this company dear.

I appreciate your commitment, believe and loyalty to this committed enterprise to good product and service. 
Congratulation on not just being part but a core since 15 years ago to this dream. 

On dedication and your work that is like no one else, I love that you are the person your still are 20 years ago. 
Congratulation Sir and fellow worker on this beautiful years. 

I am so proud and blessed to have had and still have your like in our company. Congratulation on setting that bar high up for 20 years without stop. 

You are all the good there is to say because you are truly a blessing worth celebrating 22 years and counting. 

My oldest boy is just as much as you've been in service to this company and I am proud to tell him everything about you as the reason this company can boast of fine workers who are dedicated to genuine service, hardwork and progression.
Congratulation sir

May you grow more in strength and stay more years with us with fruitfulness and unbeatable service. 
Congratulation on 15 years with us, Sire

Once a time comes a man just so pertinent for a job as you.
Never grumpy, punctual, always ready and diligent.
Thanks sir for the years spent with this company

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