Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 Miss You Quotes For Her

Are you missing that special lady in your life and would want to convey that to her. 
Well, here's that has made it all easy for you

Miss You Quotes For Her

I miss you dear and I miss holding you next to me with the perfection of our lips as they meet in true ecstasy. 
Please come back soon love

I miss you and I dare say if missing you becomes the order of my day then I'd rather death

I miss you so much more than I have admitted to you because I am ravaged with insomnia thinking I'd if ever possibly I could live without you

I miss you every single time of my mornings and at night, it's as though life is meaningless without you in it

I miss you my dearest love and my heart desire is that you come this instant to help me out of my misery from missing you

I miss you my dear wife like a man starved of all things worth living till his death 

I miss you so much that the host of words I can ever have to explain how much is little too compare

I miss you my lovely wife, it's nothing compared not on earth, nor heaven, the seas or air because I miss you so much

I miss you with the muchness of my soul, my heart and my life, come back home dear lest I pain too long

I miss you so much my darling for you to me are everything and without you is nothing

I miss you so much like as though a child misses his confiscated toy

I cannot understand how just one person can dictate my joy and my sadness at once but all I wish is that you come and return the joy you took 

I miss you so much dear meseems life without you is not worth to be called life

I don't know if this is some nemesis, some penance or whatsoever it may be but I just want you to know I miss you more than anything

I miss you so bad that if ever I know a way to pass my hours without thinking of you, I would not end up going through every single day dying inside in wait for you

I miss you so much my dear that life seems to be a penance that punishes me for all I ever subscribed for by using you

I wish I could have you like my TV set glued always to my eyes buy alas I damn each day missing you like tomorrow will never be

I miss you with every liberty in my soul that you force my mind into by adopting your thoughts

I miss you my dearest wife and all I want is to be able to see you soon as though tomorrow will never be

I miss you my dearest girl and lover, because your are like the oxygen that gives life to me. 
Please don't leave me alone in this pain, come back to me

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