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21 Miss You Quotes For Boyfriend

Missing your boyfriend, well nothing stops you right now to tell him so right now. 

*Miss You Quotes For Boyfriend*

Miss you my love, I wish you that you make me ill in that I miss you so much

Missing you my love, your sweet words that I can swear is sweeter than honey.
Can't wait to get with you again love

Missing you so much my love, your arms, your touch and all of you. 
Come back home my man

Ever since I lived I never missed one as I do your sweet smelling and scented beauty in the bedroom

The fact that I miss you is just as fuelling my heart to greater hurt than I feel even now

Such brutal dearth of my joy as I miss you as much as I do now. 
Please come back soon baby

I miss you love so much that I wish to wend back time and change the unfortunate fate that befell us to part for awhile, my dearest love

I'm missing you as though tomorrow won't come again and I'd die to not know what your pristine presence is

No page will write enough how much I miss you my dearest love, can't wait to see you again my love 

Miss you dear boyfriend as though the good times we had are as wounds to my heart like thorns to our love

I miss you and heaven knows missing you never gets easy till your return to make it all well

I miss you do much my dear friend that the breeze of time cannot fan cold the hardness I feel

The manner by which I miss you is of no like ever since known because I miss you like crazy

I miss you as though Fate had conspired with Time a painful agenda to bring me this hell of your absence

It's plain hellhole in the abysm of desperation missing you but not having you around 

Missing you so much my love and I can't seem to displace the very thought of you that ravage my mind

I wish even for a moment furlough from missing you as much as I do because I'd rather see you instead

You stole my joy away from me by leaving and it's as easy as just coming back to me

You give me insomnia missing you and I miss you as much

I wish I would luck on the side of love than of the sadness of missing your as I am now

Wish it's safe to say I've been well since you left but I miss you and it's been harder than I thunk

21 Miss You So Much Quotes

And how much miss you that special someone? 
Just tell them how much

*Miss You So Much Quotes*

I miss you so much more than there is words enough to express how

If culture is a way of life and without a culture, an entity is null, then you are mine and without you, I'm lost

I miss the embrace, the shudders, the beauty and the loveliness in your gaze, cannot wait to get with you again. 
Miss your so much

You make it easier when life gets hard as your absence makes it worse when things go bad

I wish I could just bring you here to me because you are so sorely missed by me that I can't get over your absence

Your unavailability to me is the availability of my loneliness and heartache

Being without you is the obverse of being with you, it's plain as being at my saddest points in life

You are too me so much more than you know that is why your absence to me is as death

The ways I miss you is to much to express that it most times cause me to despair if you miss me too because should you miss me as I do you, you'll be here right now

I miss you so much and how so is just how it is to miss warmth after days of cold

I miss you just too much ofttimes methinks life without you is not worth living

Being without you is like a car without it's engine, I can't move

You bring out the world in me I makes me feel life and me without all that equals death

I don't know much but I know you are my lifestyle, my every to-do-list and without you my day is incomplete

Like a child misses his mother's warmth so do I miss your every embrace

I miss waking up beside you, it's the most beautiful thing ever do much more than gold

So much more than the curmurings to an empty stomach, my heart misses you

I miss especially when I count on you on all of my joy and as now you are absent

How much I miss you is too much than I can ever begin to write because saying it makes me cry the more 

I miss you for the very reason why the birds misses the happy twigs by winter and can't wait for Spring

20 Miss You Friend Quotes

You miss a friend, well, tell them you really miss them before the opportunity skips the perfectly timed moment

*Miss You Friend Quotes*

Missing all of your friendliness, liveliness and your shine, can't wait to see you again dear friend 

Many reasons are there to want to forget about our friendship but I chose not to because you are priceless to me. 
Miss you dear

I miss you bestie, sometimes I even think I think I could have persuaded you  to stay because I really miss you

I miss having you next me my dear friend, your presence is like petrichor during rain

If chance would gift me a new opportunity I'd do things differently and we'll still be friends now. 
Miss you do much 

I miss knowing that I always have someone to bank on because I miss you

I miss the sun in your presence, my friend and now it all seems like night

I really missed hanging out with you and your absence makes each day like hell

I fear if I dwell to much on our friendship days and I can't even get a real friend since you. 
Missing you dear

Missing you so much as though, the world seems a small place without you 

I miss you so much and I rave about my mischance each day that I get to go without your friendship

I miss our days of yore and everyday seems like a penance from missing you

Missing you my friend, I hope seeing you comes fast that than I hope to be

I prayed seeing you soon again, I'd have my best friend because the town's not been same without you

I can't hope for better days than when you my friend return to hope to see you soon dear. 

I miss your being friends with you and with all this our little fights, I am more than fed up of them.

So much my dearest friend, I hope seeing you again soon and pray for your return

Like as though nothing is ever right since you left, I miss you so much

I miss you my friend, I hope that your return will be the coming of my joy again. 

A friend is truly to be choiced to a brother and you my friend, I really miss you so much than a brother

20 Cute I Miss You Quotes

Just time to tell that special one you miss them, then do so

*Cute I Miss You Quotes*

Missing you my my cute little boy, I hope that everything turn for the best soon in your exams and you return soon. 
Miss you so much

I miss you so much my lovely friend, wish life was fairer and I have you here today. 
Miss to so much

Like a person stuck to the hold of a slipping sand that's how other things are to me and your with you, I never stop thinking about because I just miss you so much

I miss you dearest love as though my desires to see you bests that to see another day

I miss you so much more than Nature ever loves the coming of spring

I miss you like as though my heart would break if I don't see you soon

Missing you seems the be the order by which all of my addiction is based since you were gone

I miss your touch especially when it is as that of a ruddy petals always beauteous to see

I miss your loving that compared to others is no compare

I miss all the day before you ever got the darn idea to go for awhile and if only I'd wish you never thought to do so

Nothing compares to my state of ecstasy when you are around and since you've been gone, nothing has worse 

My day has been nothing short of night and night nothing different from hell ever since you left and I was missing you

Curse the day we ever parted because ever since life has to me little meaning

I miss you dearest love so much that my day seems like night without you

I miss you with the greatest brunt of my troubled head that cannot accept the fact that you are gone 

I really miss you, your smell like a rose especially please return soon

I miss all about your smile that is warmer than the early sunrise

I miss you and do much more than I ever thought I'd ever give liberty to anyone to hold such power over me as you do

I miss you my love and to me it's as though seeing your again it's the only cure to this despondency I feel

I miss you so much wait cannot wait for my rainbow after this long rain

20 I Love And Miss You Quotes

Do you love and miss that special someone. 
It's high time you spoke your mind

*I Love And Miss You Quotes*

I love you so much my most favorite roomie, and I miss you so much now. 
Take care

I miss our times together, now it seems like yesterday ask of that ever happened

It's never too easy to be able to live a second without you because you are my everything 

I never felt alive without you and today is a proof of it

You know you are my world yet you took all of my world away by taking yourself from me. 
Please come back home baby

I miss you by every stretch of my life as though without you, is seize to leave

I miss you my dearest love because having you beside me makes me happy the happiest I've ever been

Your presence is the life in me as your absence is my biggest strife

My phone's with me all night staring at it hoping you'll call because I miss you so much my love

My mistake is not being able to sheer you from the darn thoughts of leaving because I miss you do much now as I knew I would

I had hoped your leaving would not last more than you said but today it feels as though I would not last a month more without you

Missing you today my love for your absence is like the awakening of hell in my life

I hope you have a day as I have been having ever since you left because if so I'm sure you'll return soon

I am madly in love with you even more today because truly absence makes fonder the heart

Like a loud thud, the pains of missing you is makes my heart pain very day

If love truly sets free, I knew because of you and If missing a lover is like hell, you also showed me

Nothing is comparable to your presence as alchemy as is your absence that makes me as though like dross

I miss everything about us would be on cloud nine but alas your absence is proof that not everything lasts

If there is a greater hell than your absence, then I've never seen

I miss you so much, God knows my heart would perish should you tarry but one second more

20 Missing You Quotes For Her

Missing her so much, don't tarry, just let her know.

*Missing You Quotes For Her*

Missing the sun in your eyes, this one in the sky is just a reminder of what you are to me

I miss the emblem of beauty that glows in your presence rubbing off on me, I really miss you dear friend

Your absence my dearest and beloved girl is like a sling shot catapulted to my heart

You make it easier when life gets hard as you make it harder when being absent

I miss having someone as you by my side but you are not just anyone else you are my all

I trust the process of Fate that you'll come  soon but even now that I know I miss you still

Missing you makes me jealous of every other happy hearts out there, I hope you return soon

I miss the embraces, the sweet kisses and hugs you tightly give. 
Please come back soon

I miss you my love, I hope the horizon will give you back to me soon and halt my pains

Missing you like I never missed anything else before my dear, do take care but know I really miss you

Missing you never gets easier, I miss your so much love 

Miss you my love, because you are my sun and I, the moon and without you, I cannot shine

I fear too much that I miss you so, please come back soon my love

I miss you dearest love because nothing is quite something without you making it that

Like a moth unable to refuse the curb of a flame so is missing you like my fated death.

Missing you dearest love, it would seem like life literally just prefers I damn

I only hope that after this hell of being without you, you'll bring back to me, my heaven, YOU

Us together was like being on the peak of love, now it's just me low in my pains

Nothing's much a joyful reason without you.
Missing you so much today as yesterday, ever so 

I miss you just too much than I deserve to be ever missing one as paramount in my life as you. 
I hope you come back soon my love 

21 Miss You Quotes For Him

Do you miss him and you need tell him. 
Well, nothing stops you now that you've found the best possible combination of messages. 

*Miss You Quotes For Him*

The stars in your shining smile is to me like the best gift I ever received. 
Please return with my gift dear

How much I miss how your very presence is to me is how much a 

I love you but alas I miss your, what an irony

Missing you my friend and lover, without you all life is too me is but a foe and hater

I know I may not have the strength to miss you more than I do now but the tenure of my penance depends but on you

I really miss us together, please since you left my all life's joy has been stolen

Never predictable is your presence in my life because of your loveliness and jauntiness but ever since you were gone, my life's become a routine from missing you

Me and sadness is a misfit but you make me sad like its my birthright

Such mishap I go through each day all because of you, please return soon my love

I miss you so much dearest love, I hope to see you more than soon

I miss every day and night we use to hold together now it's just plain black without you my love

I miss the strength in your arms, the assurance in your words and every little detail of you. 
Please come back baby

Missing you gets hard it's day it's like my life's turned a convoluted math problem

My deepest condolences to my heart that you made it to a very sad drum since you left

Ever since I we parted, my day's been short and night's long thinking of you ask through the day

You to me are my very grail I miss than the Holy Grail

I miss you so much my love and so much more especially when I think about the sweetest moments we had

Hearing you say the words of love to me was my happiness and then going from me was my greatest bane

I only wish you would consider how I feel knowing that you are my everything yet you go away

Miss to have your assurance, your manliness, your optimism, in short, I just miss you a little too much

I miss you do much more than I could ever hope to miss someone as though missing you 8 is my pastime

21 I Miss You Like Crazy Quotes

Missing someone, so crazily, it would do you well to tell them so.

*I Miss You Like Crazy Quotes*

Miss you like

The last time I wore a smile was the day before you told me of your leaving 

I was and is dead ever since you left, please return what you took. 
My joy

We all miss your presence but I miss yiu more because I miss the assurance in your presence

I miss our memories and all of my hopes in is hinged on your coming lest I go crazy from missing you

How much I treasure your loving is much more than a poet loves his art but missing you makes all of my doings but mere dabblings

I always forget that you are not here, my cushion and then I fall but by your absence I am as a broken vessel

You never forget to seize your hold from me because even though you are gone, I still am in your thrall

As these times when one thing is missing, you get to be the one that helps me through the moment but now that you are missing from me, it's so hard to think you that was my world is now my hell

Night is like the worse of my days because I see my pillow more and see you don't occupy the left of my bed

Days without you is like months stuck in hell

You make me feel like without you my sunshine will never shine

I miss you and when Time goes by, it brings me back to our happier days and darns me more

I miss you, I need you and more each and every day I go crazy knowing I have to go without you

More my words cause me to despair knowing nothing is quite like you

Each day I love you more, it kills me knowing I should then miss you more because you are my everything

Than words can ever say, I miss you so much more than food

Having to miss you is like having to my possess gold but never really using it

You make me feel like I've been locked up away from reality's shore in my delusions from seeing you on everything there is

I miss you too much to save myself from break, because even now I feel as though fate is my foe for taking you away

I miss you so much more like you closed the gate of joy since you left

20 I Love You And Miss You Quotes

Loving and also missing that special someone???
Just let them know then

*I Love You And Miss You Quotes*

You don't know exactly what you have caused in my life but you have caused an uproar in my life by being absent from me

I miss not having someone like you in my life but then there's no one to me like you. 
So I just miss only you this much

You have caused a civil war in my life against my heart and brain causing me to despair on reality ever since you left

It is I who am too blame most for the power you hold over me lest I shouldn't miss you as much as I do

Miss you as though without you life is impossible

Missing you never gets easier because every day even though time wanes the memories of you leaving never goes 

One day from now I hope I'll miss you less but for now I miss you just too much

It's one day closer and even though I still feel as though it being not the day I still damn knowing you are still far away 

I inwardly damn each and every other day it passes into my knowledge that you are far away from my cold arms

I miss you so much more than drought laden land misses rain

I miss you so much my most beloved dame than the curmurings of a belly misses food

It's like a bad drama with sad ending, me being without you

Too much I'm my dread I fear I will be overtaken if you tarry still

I am caught up in the web of your absence and for such I miss you so much more than I ever imagined

You saw me smile the day you left, I hope you recall because ever since I never smiled again

It is because of you I am sad today but it's not bad because when you come I'm be joyful again

Eris must be real because he has sown discord to my soul by seeing you go

I miss you so much it would seem I'd lose myself if you tarry

I don't know Maths but imagine how much Jane should miss Jack after his death on the Titanic and multiply by two then that's how much I miss you

Miss and love you both at the same time because you are my life as is my strife now

22 I Miss You Quotes Tumbler

Miss her or him, it's high time tiff send just that to them. 
No better than this can you send them then.

*I Miss You Quotes Tumblr* 

Each time I think myself to have made success in making do away with you your memories haunt me again. 
Miss you so much my dear

Miss you like crazy every second of the day as though I'll go crazy without you

A thousand worth of diamonds would not stay my desires from loving you still

I must confess to missing you so much but you feel near when I think of you

Your lips and touch soft as wine I miss most about come back soon my love

Whenever you are apart from my embrace, it seems like as though nothing is ever meaningful

Somehow feeling warm inside because I know that our parting is but temporary and at the end love wins

You may be far but always close in my heart.

I miss you without you even knowing that I miss you this much please come back love lest I die in this pain

Your absence is to me the ever dethronement of my joy

Nothing holds the clout to steal the joy you give me except you again when I then have to miss you

Here and now missing you feels like I've been led to the gates of hell

Being without you is like the fall of hate as dew upon my pate every single time because I lose interest in all

The world may be large but when I miss you I feel as though I am a very big part of the reason of the sadness tainting the whole earth

Knowing you are out there kills me the more because you could be here curing my pain

In a million ways I wish life could heal all of the woes I now feel from missing you

I really miss us because without you there is no me not the least us

As Shakespeare said, since I left you my eye has been my mind because your show in every face

I miss you so much it hurts me that you hold me in your palms as you wish

I miss you all the time and even if missing you should be a sin, so long is the only thing of you I should have till you come, I'll choose to sin anyways

I miss ask about you sometimes too much that it seems you are my greatest bane yet I claim you for my lover

I miss you only and especially when I'm breathing, and by so I miss you every single second of the day you tarry

20 I Miss You Funny Quotes

Love her/him that you will love to send them a perfect message with wit

*I Miss You Funny Quotes*

Miss you dearest friend I pray you feel the hurt I feel today

I'm going to be driven by my passions of what I feel right now and I hope you cry right now 

I miss you so much more than I Miss d universe

Miss you so much wish I could exchange my heart with yours that you feel how bad I feel 

I miss you like a stale person misses the point

I hate you for making me love and miss you so much

Missing you like Miss Cindy misses Prince Charming 

Miss you love so much I'd throw a rock at you to know how it feels

It feels as though mount Vesuvius pours it's wrath on me each time I miss you 

Missing you is like missing reality

I miss you so much more than I miss the football season when it ends

Missing you like crazy as hell and beyond 

My wholesomeness is like filthy rags when I miss you

I hope you miss me as much as I do you because I miss you like belly misses food

If I say I don't miss you is as true as saying Tom loves Jerry

Missing you is easy as calculus is like ABC

Missing you is like a prayer prevented from fruition

I miss you so much more than my joy for missing schools

Try missing you if you think missing food is hard

If I say I don't miss you, I lie as saying I love hell

20 Miss And Love You Quotes

Miss and love that special someone, well, tell them that now

*Miss And Love You Quotes*

Miss and love you like as though you are my Brutus and your love betrays me

Without you life is to me like a pummelling lesson

Without in my life, my heaven is my best hell

I must confess you make me cry everyday, I that never shed a tear in years

My loving you is to make me a blessing as is your absence a curse

Missing you each passing second my heart is like a broken record

I am sick but need no doctor but I'm sick at heart and missing you alone

If you come I hope you recall how you left me so you can know how mad u I've grown from missing you 

Missing you as hard as it is seems now my pastime 

I miss you like rain misses to pour on a parched land

I always taunted other hearts not having a love like ours but now I know how it feels without you I'm my life

To him who much is given is much expected and its no wonder you would leave me alone to rue this much

I miss you probably like life will miss a dead man

Without you I'm like a walking dead

Wish I don't love you this much but the truth is I miss you one time too much 

Nothing is anything when I get to miss you as I do

Missing you unlike anything else never gets mellower by the days 

I fall sick by missing you and you alone can make me well again not a doctor 

I miss you a little too much than the lethal dose to my heart 

Missing you is like being made to miss all of my joy stored in one that is you

24 I Miss You Picture Quotes

Send to them your words envisioned that loved one how you made miss him or her

*I Miss You Picture Quotes*

Miss you for my eye but never once was your picture forgotten from my mind

Miss you too much than my might can take as though you hold all my heart and life

Missing you redefines what hardness is

Missing you is like going through hell and awaiting heaven at the end when you return 

I wish there's something to allay missing you but missing you is harder than the word 'hard' itself, it's devastating 

I hate growing day upon days without you but with you I'm welcome anytime the sun

The sun is not the sun without you

My hope is always that I should not live after you are gone because this sorrow from missing you presage worse to that 

I miss you and I am happy that at least I have an angel to miss knowing you'll come back soon 

O! life's a bitch and the biggest proof is you leaving 

I miss you so much that missing you seems the only thing I do best this days

How much I miss you is how much it is to count the waters in the sea 

I miss everything about you down to your honeyed kisses please come back soon my love and Miss 

I miss you and I hope you miss me this much because if so we should see soon 

I miss you like a hopeless beggar misses to eat

I miss the beauty in your unique touches 

I fantasize about you day and night but it's not like your presence because I just need the real you so much 

I hope I miss you less each day but to see without fail that I end up missing you more every time 

I miss you too much more than the count of sands in the desert 

I miss you my love like the dark cloud misses the sun

I miss you so much more than a corpulent eater misses food 

I miss you hopelessly like though I would fall away to death should you tarry as second more 

I miss you so much more than a head laden with migraine misses all form of normalcy