Thursday, 6 July 2017

13 I Miss You Sexually Quotes

You miss that special someone so much and you have a sensuous message to pen but don't know how 
Well, check this out 

I Miss You Sexually Quotes

I miss your kisses that feels like golden divine, your touch that makes me feel safe, please come back home baby

You alone can make me feel like in heaven by just one look to your face and took catch your eye that seems like sapphire, please come back soon baby

I'm missing you babe, falling deep in love with you with each passing second and missing the sweetness of your kisses. 
Please come back home dear

I miss you so much love but I know that all those desires you stirred in my heart will be sated by you the moment we see again. 

Wrapped in your clothes and leaning on your bed to feel the scent of your body on mine merged in sweet ecstasy has become the order of my day. 
Miss you so much love

I miss you so much my love with every morsel of my heart and cannot wait to feel the enclose of your arms around mine. 

Anticipating the time where I forget today all for the sirens of your beautiful smile again, sated in the joy of lying next to you again but now wish you all the best there dear

I am here damning whilst hoping to be able to feel the smoothness of your cheek again, the loveliness of your beauty, the brilliance of your countenance. 
Please come back soon baby, I miss you

I miss you baby and I can't wait to getting back with you  and enact the crazy feelings this absence has stirred in me. 
Love you dear

I miss you babe, it's so hard being without you and all the happiness you bring and I can't wait to get back with you. 
Love you

I am so missing you and these past few days have stirred such feelings of love in my heart for you and I can't wait to get with you after all is done. 

Love made unlike ever before with sweetness from light to night is what I am going to do to you when we meet to make up for this distance that separates us. 
I really miss you babe

I am so I'm love with you and God knows the thoughts of you drives me wide awake with ecstasy till we shall meet to employ. 
Till then, miss you babe

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