Thursday, 27 July 2017

17 Missing You Quotes Tumbler

Nothing stops you from telling them you miss that special someone so much, well tell them so

*Missing You Quotes Tumbler*

Missing you dear love so much that everyday is like a hangover from the day you left me

You kill me softly like wool yet harsh as thorns

I miss you so much my dear like as though

I lost me the moment I had to do without you

Your not bring her is as hard as hell to think life is nothing without you

Life is like a puzzle to fit but without the right pieces when without you

I'm so vexed knowing your love was the one thing that had me going and now I have to be without you

I saw my future with you and now I'll be waiting for you

When you ready to love me again, always know I'm always here willing with open arms because I miss you so much

My heart attained a free ride to hell the day you walked away from me. 
I miss you so much

I cannot help but feel like parting was and will be the greatest mistake of my life

If at all life has anything good in it, I'll see you again but now I feel like I am death-marked from missing you so much

I trusted you will never desert me and avowed you to everyone but now I feel so hurt that it makes me cry every night thinking of our sweet days of yore

Like the weather my mood keeps swaying all the time because of missing you

I miss to you so much that it hurts me badly

And I hate that you have so much power over me but alas missing you is my own personal hell

We were made you and I like lock to a key but since you left I've been like locked from all of all things joy

I know I hurt you bad and we sheered the blames to each other but now I know I did you wrong please forgive me

I'm not been me ever since you left, nothing but Mr Lonely locked up in his room refusing to see the sun without you

Like a book that left the shelf, I miss the open bliss from looking at your face

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