Saturday, 15 July 2017

19 I Miss You Quote

And you miss him or her, well, a mushy message can just send them running back to you. 

I Miss You Quote

Miss you so much friend, and the worst thing is I don't know if I'll ever stop missing you till you come

Miss you my love and with you is just the opposite to without you as day is to night

Miss you so much and I couldn't swear to wish for fully someone else to half of you

A day with you is better than eternity with someone else so even though now I miss you, I know that tomorrow with you will mask the pain of today

Miss you unlike I've ever missed anything else in my life before

Miss you so much friend and my heart is like a helpless drum beating with pitiful notes

Miss you like crazy my dear and me seems having you next to me is the only cure to this fear

The dearth of you is such death of ask of my joy

I miss you crazily and now I know truly that ironically missing you this much only makes me love and wish you more

Wish I could wait your return so easily but missing you is hard as hell

Miss your warmth next to my body my love

Wish I could shush my petty heart from missing you till you return with my joy 

I miss more than the effects of your magical beauty, your allaying touches

My heart is so frail now from missing you like one fated to the gallows

Miss you do much my love and I wish upon your return I'll never have to relive this again

Missing you is a pain I'll rather not want to experience again not when nothing is as sure as your presence

Wish I could just do easily rally myself up and be with you this moment because I miss you so much 

Miss you sometimes that it feels so empty a world without you

I wish there's not a day I would miss you because your love is one that one should the world has for possession, it would be a better place

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