Friday, 28 July 2017

20 Cute I Miss You Quotes

Just time to tell that special one you miss them, then do so

*Cute I Miss You Quotes*

Missing you my my cute little boy, I hope that everything turn for the best soon in your exams and you return soon. 
Miss you so much

I miss you so much my lovely friend, wish life was fairer and I have you here today. 
Miss to so much

Like a person stuck to the hold of a slipping sand that's how other things are to me and your with you, I never stop thinking about because I just miss you so much

I miss you dearest love as though my desires to see you bests that to see another day

I miss you so much more than Nature ever loves the coming of spring

I miss you like as though my heart would break if I don't see you soon

Missing you seems the be the order by which all of my addiction is based since you were gone

I miss your touch especially when it is as that of a ruddy petals always beauteous to see

I miss your loving that compared to others is no compare

I miss all the day before you ever got the darn idea to go for awhile and if only I'd wish you never thought to do so

Nothing compares to my state of ecstasy when you are around and since you've been gone, nothing has worse 

My day has been nothing short of night and night nothing different from hell ever since you left and I was missing you

Curse the day we ever parted because ever since life has to me little meaning

I miss you dearest love so much that my day seems like night without you

I miss you with the greatest brunt of my troubled head that cannot accept the fact that you are gone 

I really miss you, your smell like a rose especially please return soon

I miss all about your smile that is warmer than the early sunrise

I miss you and do much more than I ever thought I'd ever give liberty to anyone to hold such power over me as you do

I miss you my love and to me it's as though seeing your again it's the only cure to this despondency I feel

I miss you so much wait cannot wait for my rainbow after this long rain

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