Tuesday, 11 July 2017

20 Cute Missing You Quotes

Missing someone so cutely, well then nothing stops you from sending a cute message to them and here's a list for that

Cute Missing You Quotes

Missing you darling and it's so damning to have to miss you for this long

Every detail of your face, I miss so dearly that it is incomparable right now and ever since you left, to nothing else

I miss you dearest love like as though without your face, my sanity is compromised

You are the very where my sun rises from and without you it's no reason my days are dark

We fit perfectly as two jigsaw puzzle pieced flawlessly so without you, I feel so lonely

Without you which my future is based, there's no reason for tomorrow

I can't deny the very reason you are indispensable to me because your absence to me is like a man drowning and without air

To meet again my brown eyes with yours is just what I want, come back soon babe

I miss you like nothing quite I've ever missed before because you make my existence worthwhile

As the azure sea reflects the beauty of the moon so you do me and I miss that about you love. 

I miss you dearest love and I just want and pray you miss me as much as I do you because I can't suffer alone in this hurt

I don't know how much longer you'll tarry but I know how much I miss you and it's pure hell

Being alive without you is like existing and not living

The palls of having to miss you as much as I do is like a penance unbeknown before

The cuteness in your grin, the beauty in your sweet surrender and the loveliness in your gaze, I miss all of that please come back soon love

I miss our romantic night out, our little get away and our jolly rendezvous, please babe I can't wait to see you again

I miss the taste of your juicy kisses and cuddles at night please baby don't leave me out on this lasting pain

I miss you my love like as though my earth is everything not okay so long you are absent. 
Please return to my embrace dearest love

Missing you so dearly my love, your smooth cheek as mild as cinnamon, your face as early flowers from spring, O! gawd, I miss everything about you

I can't plumb the many words to describe how much I miss you but I know it would all be forgotten if I can but see again the beauty in your allowing eyes

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