Thursday, 6 July 2017

20 How Much I Miss You Quotes

Are you lost for words to say how much you miss that special someone.
Well, you can't get luckier than this list will share.

How Much I Miss You Quotes

I miss you more than the sum of worth of a thousand sunshine after a long dark night, I miss you so much 

How much i love and want to me be by your side tonight but thus distance that separates us tear me so much, I miss you

I miss your face, your smile, your touch and ask that comes with the beauty of your presence. 
Please come back soon baby

I could swear missing you is the one thing I've been doing since you were gone. 
Miss you love much more than anything else

I miss you much more than an dry land misses the rain

I miss you dear, it often seem as though no feeling in this world can compare

I hate having to miss you all the time, it's like life seems endlessly miserable without you

How much I miss you is how much the distance the sea is to the sea bed, please come back soon baby

I miss you as though missing you is all that is right to do, and even when I try to shun myself not to, I end up missing you more

I miss you so much my love than a miscreant misses to enact crime. 
Come back soon baby

I miss you in muchness of my heart and soul as though nothing matters to me as long as I don't have you

I miss you my love from all of my heart much more than gold and food can sate

I miss you so much more than a prisoner misses freedom

The hurt I have incurred by missing you is much more than the seas can hold if it were to be measured

I miss you but how can I let you know how when there is no comparison that can touch the surface of it, in other words, I miss you beyond words

The massacre of my sanity you've caused me is their greatest injustice because I miss you than I can avow

I miss you with every morsel of my heart more than anything else in the world

I know not better I have become a prisoner of your love

Look around to the horizon and heavenward to the skies and the width and height of them is just how much I miss you

How I miss you is plain penance and more than words can begin to describe

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