Friday, 28 July 2017

20 I Love And Miss You Quotes

Do you love and miss that special someone. 
It's high time you spoke your mind

*I Love And Miss You Quotes*

I love you so much my most favorite roomie, and I miss you so much now. 
Take care

I miss our times together, now it seems like yesterday ask of that ever happened

It's never too easy to be able to live a second without you because you are my everything 

I never felt alive without you and today is a proof of it

You know you are my world yet you took all of my world away by taking yourself from me. 
Please come back home baby

I miss you by every stretch of my life as though without you, is seize to leave

I miss you my dearest love because having you beside me makes me happy the happiest I've ever been

Your presence is the life in me as your absence is my biggest strife

My phone's with me all night staring at it hoping you'll call because I miss you so much my love

My mistake is not being able to sheer you from the darn thoughts of leaving because I miss you do much now as I knew I would

I had hoped your leaving would not last more than you said but today it feels as though I would not last a month more without you

Missing you today my love for your absence is like the awakening of hell in my life

I hope you have a day as I have been having ever since you left because if so I'm sure you'll return soon

I am madly in love with you even more today because truly absence makes fonder the heart

Like a loud thud, the pains of missing you is makes my heart pain very day

If love truly sets free, I knew because of you and If missing a lover is like hell, you also showed me

Nothing is comparable to your presence as alchemy as is your absence that makes me as though like dross

I miss everything about us would be on cloud nine but alas your absence is proof that not everything lasts

If there is a greater hell than your absence, then I've never seen

I miss you so much, God knows my heart would perish should you tarry but one second more

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