Friday, 28 July 2017

20 I Love You And Miss You Quotes

Loving and also missing that special someone???
Just let them know then

*I Love You And Miss You Quotes*

You don't know exactly what you have caused in my life but you have caused an uproar in my life by being absent from me

I miss not having someone like you in my life but then there's no one to me like you. 
So I just miss only you this much

You have caused a civil war in my life against my heart and brain causing me to despair on reality ever since you left

It is I who am too blame most for the power you hold over me lest I shouldn't miss you as much as I do

Miss you as though without you life is impossible

Missing you never gets easier because every day even though time wanes the memories of you leaving never goes 

One day from now I hope I'll miss you less but for now I miss you just too much

It's one day closer and even though I still feel as though it being not the day I still damn knowing you are still far away 

I inwardly damn each and every other day it passes into my knowledge that you are far away from my cold arms

I miss you so much more than drought laden land misses rain

I miss you so much my most beloved dame than the curmurings of a belly misses food

It's like a bad drama with sad ending, me being without you

Too much I'm my dread I fear I will be overtaken if you tarry still

I am caught up in the web of your absence and for such I miss you so much more than I ever imagined

You saw me smile the day you left, I hope you recall because ever since I never smiled again

It is because of you I am sad today but it's not bad because when you come I'm be joyful again

Eris must be real because he has sown discord to my soul by seeing you go

I miss you so much it would seem I'd lose myself if you tarry

I don't know Maths but imagine how much Jane should miss Jack after his death on the Titanic and multiply by two then that's how much I miss you

Miss and love you both at the same time because you are my life as is my strife now

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