Tuesday, 11 July 2017

20 I Miss You Best Friend Quotes

To tell your best friend how you feel and how much their absence mean to you. 
Well, you can't hope for a better list to get to express that

I Miss You Best Friend Quotes

The streets is not what it was without you my friend, we all really miss you

I'd say a thousand times that we'd not miss your presence with us but then we'd be lying because your presence is the best thing to have happened to us

I believe you'll be back to us my friend because the truth is that I most definitely miss you so much 

I pray by God to see you soon love because we miss your voice at home

It's said that you do not know what you have till you lose it but I've always appreciated to have a friend like you. 
Miss guy so much dear

I miss you than I've missed a brother because you to me are more than a brother

A lover's absence can be so hard but you are more than that but also a friend and I'm missing you

I miss you my best friend, everything has been dour and sour since you left 

Since you've been gone my best friend, my joy had follow you

Since you went north my friend, everything has gone south

I miss you my dearest friend because you make effortless the most boring day so lively

With you everyday was always beautiful and now since you've been gone, life has conspired to leave me agape at how quick your importance has proven to be the reason I was ever happy

I miss you so much, my lover and my best friend more than anything else I ever thought of

Missing you has become the order of my bland day and without you is seems the sun can no more shine

I miss you so much friend, the happiest times we had, the lovely rendezvous and blissful plays.
Ah! it's really been a strange place without you

I could swear your friendship is to me more precious than that of a brother's

I'm so happy for you to be chasing your dreams finally my friend but I'm sad that we had to part

I miss you and it seems a most gruesome of pain to know that your friendship I'll surely miss

Missing you so much friend and I don't ever want to see a picture of a tomorrow without you, my best friend, in it

If tomorrow exist without our friendship is I'll choose to be stuck in today

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